September 8, 2021 Board Minutes

ACW Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Barbara, Layl, David, Laura, Sally. Bianca, Liza

6:00 Welcome and Read the Mission Statement.
6:15 Review Board Terms/ Discuss Conflict of Interest/Ethics/Code of Conduct/New Board Members/Retiring Members
  Accept April 2021  Minutes

  • Anonymously approved: Barbara, Layl, David, Laura, Sally. Bianca
  Vote on New Board member- Herman Milligan

  • Anonymously approved: Barbara, Layl, David, Laura, Sally. Bianca
6:30 Treasurer’s Report 

  • Down $7k from what we’ve committed to
    • But feeling confident 
  • Barbara meeting with 3 different donors this week 
  • Barbara shared Coaching Project expense tracking spreadsheet 
  • Over $15k into artist pockets 
  • $29,000 in grants
  • Thought of using Quickbooks?
    • Possibly in the future as spending increasing
6:40 Director’s Report – Barbara
  • ADP project paid off 
  • Also covered for the Coaching Project
  • Marco hosted an ACW fundraiser – $1,050 raised, new members, and new Science Coach added
  • Layl giving 10% of what making now – Dec. goes to Coaching Project
    • Looking for someone to match total raised by Layl, Barbara, and Lucy 
  • 27 Coaching Project Applicants
    • All teams/participants will be on ACW website 
    • Unaccepted Youth Candidates are welcomed to pursue project with ACW technical support 
    • Sept. 23rd, Orientation Date: at Cider Works
    • Data on each participant will be provided: bio, social media platform, resume, etc. 
  • Interns: press releases, social media, and SWAP. All working on design 
  • What are we focusing on:
    • Coaching Project
    • Critique Model Plans – Greg
      • Barbara – wants this to have a social context 
      • Vote: Anonymous approval 
  • Fox Den
    • Currently have use of space – some members want to have a social justice show, others simple solo show 
    • Lucy is exhibition chair
      • There will be an application
      • Steps for how to
    • Vote (to still do): Anonymous yes  
  • Developer interested in working with ACW (similar ADP project) 
  • Worth our Investment? 
    • Barbara’s suggestion: fixed price menu 
    • Discussion:
      • Charge more. ACW put in many pro bono hours. Add admin fees
      • Does this engage with social issues? 
        • B: yes, should require social context 
      • ADP, the social component was community building through the arts, less so the artwork itself
      • All agree: we need to raise the price 
      • How do we know that this kind of project “changes the world” ?
        • Laura: Moving forward, is this what we want to do? What are the developers intentions? Lots of communities don’t trust developers right now. Be clear about our intentions and relationships. Don’t want to alien with people who are working against communities we’re trying to serve.
      • Lots of success hinged on Barbara’s work/connections
        • Can we hire help?
      • It might be hard to get 20 artists within ACW for $100/piece 
        • Let’s put out a price! We’re working with developers. $200/piece?
      • ADP critiques from artist participants
        • If folks don’t have a relationship/connection with ACW – maybe comes off wrong
        • Maybe pay people more
        • Part of work of ACW is transforming relationships from transactional to relational — idea: ask developer to host multiple gatherings/conversations with artists
7:40 New Business

  • Reorging
    • CP: Comms Role – Abby on Slack stuff
      • Layl: Boots on the Ground Coordinator. Actually in Mpls during Winter
  • Abby/David meeting to talk Climate Extensions program
8:00 Set date for next meeting in January 2022.  End Meeting.

  • Motion to end meeting: anonymously approved