September 27, 2018 Event Committee

ACW Exhibitions Committee Sept. 27th

In attendance:  Rebecca, Barbara, Barry, Candy, Craig, Anne

Director Update

Attendance- tickets sold

VIP 28

Recovery 3

Dodging 20

Threads 18

Comp tickets-  handout- Bailey Winery (comped to VIP) Jim Randall, Denny Sponsler, people that have donated.  One comp ticket to each committee member- could be a prompt to buy tickets.

Paper tickets- Barb has a list that will at Squirrel Haus- brown paper tickes will all be on a clip board.

Curiosity Pass- $25 Being handed out at College talks, etc. All artists, volunteers and topic voices get free Curiosity Pass- they could give it to someone else.


Silent Auction-

All on website.  Studio visits are also something new people are interested in.

$1,000 expected receipts.



$5000- Artists Encumbered

Artists not yet supported $2250

Topic Experts $1500 (2 may not accept) – $500

Leaves us $3500

See budget list

Bottom line: Leaves us with about $7900 which would pay for the Historical Trauma event and leave $3000.

Barry makes a motion that $1000 be paid for disbursement to additonal tech support and personal if we come out over the $3000 that needs to go back into ACW.



Twitter campaign- didn’t work

Give MN $475

Don Helgeson $1000

Jim Randal paid for Jazz 88

Silent Auction – looking great

Selling t-shirts and swag




Jazz Interviewed

30 spots on drive time

NPR’s morning editon- Monday Oct. 1st

2 at Metro- 300 students all together


Posters and Signs up for mail chimp in bathrooms and strategic places-  Squirrel Haus –

Posters for Workshops-  Make one if you haven’t already


Textiles Center- Candy will send into newsletter


Program:  Being edited by Anne, Sponsors are people who give goods and services

Patrons: people that give online

Supporters: Granters and over $1000



Art Drop off:  Barbra is sending out a reminder of drop off time.


Also in email going out:

Attendance at the Opening and VIP: required attendance of Artists and Voices.

After Party- Oct. 14th last day last show.  Who gets to come: All people involved in event.  And attendance of Pop Up performance


Memberships are $10 until after the 14th.

Need to revisit the price for regular.  Consider a $50 that is more inclusive – Artist and Supporters


Starting to look past the event:

Documentation of event- videos that can be used in grant writing.

Already in: Jill, Layl, Craig, Barbara, Shira, Madelynne. Have people forward photos that they take to a drop box.   Kira is bringing 35mm camera so take better quality low light images.  Kira will take photos during the event.  Candy can check out a good camera and will also take photos.

Will be posters that state that images will be used for promotional and granting purposes.


Influencers-  Herman had suggestions- Barbara contacting them to get them to come to the event and live stream.


Opening is from 6:00 to10:00


Sunday- Oct. 8th session of Compassionate Conversations- Canceled

Monday with school still happening.


Staffing schedule – handed out.

All covered.


Performance on the VIP night:

Grace not performing.  Jill will do: Take the Knee  – All voted YeS Nick doing a reading.

Skater- Hire Magenta to skate with the box on Oct 5 and 6. $50 each night.  All voted Yes

During the opening.  Depends on what is on the floor- she might not be able to skate everywhere.


Exhibit Design •

Update on Space Utilization • Discuss Lighting in all spaces • Discuss Installation and Support People for Events and Performances

Front room- Store will be in middle of the room.  – Looking very full

Middle Room-  Low ceiling area- has food table- Candy is making a fabric wall

Maris in hallway.

Second part of middle room- Just under where the ceiling goes up.

Silent auction – 13 feet of wall.

Rebecca is where the stage was.


Barry is getting lumber to put up Rebecca’s piece.


Flooring for Dance- Don’t need a platform- Daniel is working on getting her own surface


Installation process:

ACW production schedule- planning installation.


Access- Craig is waiting to get info from Squirrel Haus-

Access code list: Barbara’s list: Jill, Barry, Barbara, Craig, Layl and Sarah T.

How to open and put to bed- Craig will send out to everyone on the list.


Craig needs more tech support- technical director for whole event.  Maybe Laura Hill knows someone.  Leila Awadallah maybe.  Craig will send out a blurb that we can share in our circles.


Event schedule review:

Need AV  for FE Love, Monday 10:00 to 1:00

? about the floor- will we move the floor?  Can’t put chairs etc. on Marley floor