Promotion/Publicity Notes

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Team 1

  1.  Media contacts:


Mikki Morrisett – MN Women’s Press

Mikki Morrissette <>


James Shiffer – StarTribune

Harlem Amsterdam ews

Anahita Ahara – Multimedia Company, Twin Cities Moms

Ed Felien, Southside Pride editor

Ed Felien <>


  1.  Audience?


people of color

marginalized communities

people outside of these communities as well.

“think, discuss, disrupt”


  1. When publicity?

When artists, venue, date/time and concept/vsiion are in place.


Social media strategy – begins in March

Artist Spotlights/press release – April

Exhibit – May


Team 2   Lauren, Mark, Susan
Who do we know in media; or how will we find contacts/deadlines?

    1. Susan’s Marketing Team
    2. Eventbrite
    3. Former Professors/School Colleagues
    4. Social Media (Facebook and Instagram)
    5. LGBTQ+ Friends and Contacts
  1. Who is an audience and why should they care? Why act?
    1. The uninformed and the informed
    2. Those who fall into the gender binary and those that don’t
      1. All types of gender expression
  2. At what points do we need/want publicity – so we can backtime and be ready with what they need to know.
    1. Need to know:
      1. Date
      2. Locked in concept
      3. Collaborators
    2. Follow the process through blogging
    3. WordPress or Squarespace for a website
    4. Survey Monkey
    5. Engage with feedback
    6. Spotlight artists

      Team 3
      Who do we know, in media, or how will we find contacts and deadlines.

      Rimon- David Haris

      Kare 11- Ashley

      Christian McClary- podcast

      Catherine McDonald- tpt



      Who is our audience and why should they care? Why act?

      Young adults – a catalyst for success

      Live nation

      The whole public

      People hidden with no voice


      At what point do we need/what publicity – so we can back time and be ready with what they need to know.

      Once we have all the pieces and backed support

      Once our group is confident with who what where and why for our project

      Never too soon teasers with follow-ups and updates

      Treating ideation phases as real news.


      First draft:

      Coming tomorrow


      Take away from our meeting:

      Everyone in person was extremely helpful in getting to know each individuals learning style and personalities. I am already aware that my team members both have very big voices and very important stories to tell. Also getting to know the other leaders and their projects was very inspiring. Having a tangible booklet in closing all of the information we need is extremely helpful as well.