Project Manager Planning Document

Draft 1 Planning Document.  Questions?  Modifications?  Barbara
Team Activity : Facilitator (Project Manager), Scribe, Reporter. Switch up these roles with each activity.

Coaching Project for a Better World  – Project Planning Document to be submitted by the Project Managers by Nov 1, 2021.

Idea Paragraph: Describe what you want to invent, create, explore, understand. 300 Words. Craft this paragraph.  This is your elevator speech.


Project Name (this may change but should have a title which makes people want to know more).

Target Audience (Provide demographics – must provide an opportunity for ACTIVE engagement of at least 50-100 people. Underserved groups encouraged).

Topic(s)  You may have more than one topic.

Objectives  (Make clear statements. What will your audience do and learn?  What will you do and learn? Example: Audience will be involved in… /Audience will be able to…./ Project leader will be able to….. /Coach will …)





Snappy Launch  (How will you engage your audience? A hook? A demonstration?)


Procedure (Provide a timeline. Completion by May 1, 2022. What will you do when? Who will complete the tasks?)

Date Task/Activity Who What materials will you need? Cost of materials/
Need Help with? Notes

How will you advertise/promote your project?

Assessment (How will you assess if your project was successful? Example: 50% participation//20% interactive discussion /30% product)

Please send your report to Barbara Bridges Please put your name in the subject line.

Please post Layl McDill Boots on the Ground, Conflict Coordinator, and ACW PR Director.  Attach pictures and copy for Promotions! Please also feel invited to reach out to Communications Coordinator Abby Ross,