Project Management Training Application

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Project Management Training Application






Do you identify with a specific minoritized/marginalized or underserved status that you would like to share?


2 References with phone number and email:




In one or two sentences, please answer the following:


1)Why are you wanting to take this ACW Project Management Training course?


2) What would you like to learn from the management training that would be helpful?



3) Describe an incident when you were leading a project and participants did not follow through. How did you solve the problem? Are you able to keep your own ego out of the solution? 

4) Describe the system you use to keep yourself organized. 


5) Talk about a project you would like to design and lead.

6) Why are you interested in managing ACW projects?

7) Have you had previous experience managing complex projects? Explain.


8) Describe a situation where you had to break some rules for the better outcome of a project or situation. 

9) If you were telling someone how to run a successful project right now, what would you say to them are the most important things? (list at least 3)

10) You have a problem with an ACW member, what do you do?

What’s the appropriate order? write a number next to them ranging from 1-4

  1. a) tell the director
  2. b) talk directly to the member
  3. c) collect all the data
  4. d) ask for a meeting with the director and the member