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Anne with her Heart Listening Installation
Craig as Elijah
Craig-Human Senses
Bette dons a satin from Madelynne’s Satin of Knowingness
Nick Speaks with Madelynne about the antique wheelchair donated by Tim Benjamin
Craig Elijah
The Human Senses on Fire
Danielle leading the talk-back
Herman in Anne’s Cove
Jill performing “Taking the Knee”
Craig in the cube
Morgan and Anne in he ever popular cove of heart Listening
The composer
Elijah contemplating
Jill’s jacket says it all (All Together) as she chats with new member William White
Kate Fisher talking about motherhood
New member Nancy in the middle
Rhonda, Kate and Shira Richter talking about the cultural challenges of motherhood
Laura and HERstory of race and culture
With topic Expert Veronica
Danielle dancing with tape measure costume and cell phone lights to communicate Grace’s concern with body image and device addiction
Grace with her panel on body image


South High Compassionate Conversations
South High Leaders
Peace Posts
Peace Posts 2
Kira Isabel and Barbara
Compassionate Conversations


Jill serving wine at Real Story Screening
Madelynne and Satins
Barbara with south High School students
Craig and Madelynne






Non-profit Partners
South High School
Madelynne and Helgesons


Kira visits Barbara ‘s studio and Reflecting Pool
Nick prepares for his poetry reading
Jill and Take the Knee
Sarah and Sue Helgeson
Barbara in her studio
Visitor with Madelynne’s Satin of Knowingness
Skyler, Barb and Shira
Susan came to save the Opening Day, day.
Shira in Anne’s Contemplation Cove
Borealis Dances in their “Talk-Back”
Majentah in performance
Erik and Mike
Board Member Lynn Olson at Satin of Knowingness
Skyler with button jacket
Sarah with great grandma’s Swedish dolls
See. Say. DO store


Standing Room Only on VIP Threads of Our Cloth performance.
Jim and Craig
Ballerina does tech. Danielle- owner of Borealis
Borealis Dancers warm up
Esparanza (hope) collects feedback for Barbara Bridges’ work on Recovery
Herman Milligan Contemplates in Anne’s Cove
Jill Waterhouse and her work.
Artist made nametages for the VIP Friends Fundraiser
Barbara’s See, Say. DO neck piece. Get it?
Sarah Teske and Barbara wrangle the “Square”
Craig Harris and tech specialist Jim, make it happen
Anne in her Cove
Barb Kobe and the healing dolls
Installing Rebecca’s Union Label work
Preparing in Barbara’s studio