Oct 14 Task Force Minutes

Task Force Meeting Minutes Oct. 14th

In attendance: Barbara Bridges, Nina Robinson, Cory Favre, Susan Gainen, Rebecca Froelich, Natalie McGuire, Greg Volker, Layl McDill, Natalie McGuire,
Special guests: Ashley Richardson, Deacon, Dominique

Minutes: Layl McDill

Next Meeting Oct 24 at 4 PM. 

Minutes keeper: Think about if you can take minutes next meeting- we could rotate the duty each meeting.

*Financials -Barbara– “All in line with what you would see from an organization our size”

*Membership Re-Up . Time for ADP members is coming up.  ADP participants who were granted a free membership would be encouraged to become paid members by November 1.  We hope you found  the service ACW delivered to you worth supporting ACW!

* Coaching Project – Barbara, Deacon, Dominique
Ashley Richardson Intro and Call for Art for her Coaching Project –Blood on the Pavement.  Focusing on violence against black bodies but might expand to other violence (on women etc) including micro aggressions  looking for 7-10 artists to create art that is a reaction to her poetry  email her at: Richardson.exhibits@gmail.com

Paying minimum of $100 per artist   Show/Experience will be up at least a month. Artworks will be for sale.   Also call for ideas about venues about 800 to 1000 square feet.

*Grants  – Rebecca David  and Barbara  Minnesota Humanities Commission Rescue $20,000  and Midwest Arts $2,500

* Need Volunteer Hours 2021 – including meetings- for Grant Requests. Thanks for sending, Nina and Susan!

Send to Barbara


* Critique Project – Greg

Working on a report of the ideas that came out at the first committee meeting. Task force will have a chance to see and give input

* On Location Drawing Co-op report. Deb

Send calendar images to Deb or Katie Trying to get it out in November

Next one is October 30th at Lakewood cemetery

* 10% Club Fundraiser to ACW  Layl  $1490 Barbara $134  Lucy $163  Natalie $40.

* Social Media Report: Rebecca          Friday Night Party :   Post Party (PoPa for short?) Lol.

Will have another one soon. Watch for an invite.

Great way to boost the posts and push the posts out at the same time.

*Fox Den /Exhibitions -Lucy  Apps still open for November 4-7 event at Solar Arts.

Exhibition review committee will rotate out every 6-8 months. Congrats to Susan Gainen, Bianca Dawkins, Nina Robinson, Mike Schardin.  Reviewers can not submit to exhibitions while they are serving on the review committee.

Deconstruction art work statement must be included for social justice works.  We need to help educate our viewers.  This is what we promised our funders.

Fox Den could be hung up higher now. Hanging system is being put up

Start thinking about what you will show?

* #frameyourrights exhibition

Cory’s logo will go on some snacks for the opening.

Natalie will be making labels

Promo needs to get out soon.  Natalie will make a press release and Layl will send it out

$100 in budget for exhibition coordinator and $50 per artist for artists to use to hopefully, create cards, frame works and other exhibition supporting activities.

Extended deadline to 18th.

3 people submitted so far

* SWAP report   New artists invited for the holiday!  Contact Barbara, if interested!  drb@bridgescreate.com.

Susan will write up a blurb about supply chain issues = buy art from local artists. See following.  Thanks, Susan!!

Everyone needs to go look- link and buy art for gifts:


New artists will need to “adopt”  first then post three pieces


* Videos for Website Send Barbara ONE 15 second video on how art changes the world.  ANYONE





New Global Partnership for ACW

ACW has just joined the Community Arts Network and you can, too!  https://www.community-arts.netFREE

The Porticus Foundation https://www.porticus.com/en/home/  & Hilti Foundation https://www.hiltifoundation.org/ joined hands to fund the global Community Arts Network

BOD member, David O’Fallon, and I spoke with CAN leaders Christina Desinioti, in Greece and Samar Bandak,  in Austria, and believe ACW’s partnership with them meets one of ACW’s goals of “Amplifying the good work of others.”

Co-created by visionaries who believe that the transformative power of the arts can be used for social impact, CAN is a platform that aims to enable, engage and empower individuals, organizations and communities through arts and unlikely alliances to generate meaningful change and shape a humane future, together.

ACW encourages you to join the 305 members in 58 countries and post your profiles, projects and events. Use their Map to find collaborators in your region. https://www.community-arts.net/network-map

We are in such perfect alignment with CAN’s mission. They believe in ensembles, not soloists.  I was particularly struck by the Ossie Davis quote I found on their website, “ Art not only moves us, it makes us move”.   ACTION is what ACW is all about.

By Susan Gainen, Whimsical Wildlife Documentarian & Abstract Painter

If your holiday gift plans appear increasingly problematic, remember, local artists Do Not Have Supply Chain Issues.

Minnesota artists are everywhere, making and doing everything, and they are ready to help you solve your holiday gift problems. They are available. They want to teach you about their art, their processes, and the meaning of their work. They want to make art that fits with your life, your family, and your friends.

Find them at their websites, and on the Stand With Artist project. https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/stand-with-artists-project/

Unsure about what direct contact with artists might inspire?

Actors (theater tickets), book artists (commission a book), choristers (choral concert tickets), composers (support their performances), crafters (at holiday markets, ETSY and Zazzle), dancers (tickets to dance performance), film makers (support their work), instrument makers (a new guitar for your favorite musician?)

Light sculptors (a neon sculpture?), metal workers (a small statue or a new iron fence), musicians (tickets to their performances and copies of their CDs), painters (holiday markets, art stores, museum stores), playwrights (tickets to their plays), poets (attend their readings and buy their books), potters and ceramists (at holiday markets, art stores, museum shops, ETSY and Zazzle), printers and printmakers (buy their original images or limited edition prints), puppeteers (tickets to performances), sculptors (commission an original piece), and textile artists and weavers (holiday markets, the Textile Center, art stories, ETSY and Zazzle).

You cannot swing a metaphoric cat in Minnesota without hitting an artist.

Bring the soul of an artist into your space.  Shop SWAP   https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/stand-with-artists-project/