November 10, 2018     Board Minutes

Art to Change the World, Inc.
Board Meeting Minutes

Date:      November 10, 2018                               Time meeting called to order: 1:10PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Craig Harris.

Board Members Present

Name Present Absent Name Present Absent
Barbara Bridges  X   Craig Harris  X  
Lynn Olson  X   Patricia Rogers  X  
Grace Bianchi   X Kristi Hemmer  X (on phone)  
Shira Richter   X      

Mission Statement

The mission of ACW is to build a supportive community of voices who aspire to encourage change through positive knowledge, collaboration, and sometimes humor. We seek artists, scientists, educators, change makers and all supporters to meet us at the intersection of art and natural and social sciences.

Approve Last Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve Craig
Motion to second approval  Kristi

All Approved


Director’s report: ACW Executive Director provided detailed reports on ACW status and See. Say. DO! event, followed by a detailed discussion by the Board. Reports are attached for the benefit of all ACW members to read.

Substantial funds were raised to support See. Say. DO!, and the status of the event budget will range somewhere between -$1100 deficit and zero balance, depending on how some of the final obligations resolve. Some discussion followed to identify ways to raise some additional funds before the end of year to ensure that all outstanding bills can be paid, and to raise some funds to help ACW continue activities in 2019.

The Board acknowledged the resignation of Joan Vaughn from the Board, and the Board thanks her for their service.

Grace Bianchi has resigned from the Board, and the Board thanks her for their service.

Lynn Olson is going to continue to serve on the Board for 2019.

Pat Rogers has agreed to serve as the Interim Board Chair.

The next Board Meeting will be on January 5, 2019 from 10:00AM to 1:00PM at Squirrel Haus Arts, 3450 Snelling Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55406. This will be an organizational visioning session facilitated by Herman Milligan.


All members are strongly encouraged to attend at least 2 ACW members’ events, exhibitions, performances, etc. during the year.


Motion to approve Lynn
Motion to second approval Kristi
All approved  

Motion –


Approve organizational and See. Say. DO! event financials as presented by ACW Executive Director Barbara Bridges.


Motion to approve Lynn
Motion to second approval  Craig

All approved.

Motion –

Approval of all 4 nominated Board members to join the Board effective January 1, 2019: Margo Ashmore, Liza Ferrari, Sally Gibson and Layl McDill.


Motion to approve Craig
Motion to second approval  Lynn

All approved, including Shira Richter via email.

Motion –

 Adjourn meeting.
Motion to approve Lynn
Motion to second approval  Kristi

All approved.


To Do Items

Item Assigned to
 Encourage and help organize more screenings of the film Dodging Bullets Barbara is following up on this.
Advance relationship with South High students involved in the Compassionate Conversations event at ACW See. Say. DO! Barbara is following up on this.
Create ACW newsletter Layl is leading the newsletter initiative.
Find funding to support the newsletter to compensate somebody to continue the newsletter. Barbara.

Send details for in-kind donations to ACW for event to Barbara for tax letter.

All who contributed in-kind goods.
Review ByLaws and propose changes to discuss at the January 5, 2019 visioning session. Specific item to explore is increasing the limit to the number of Board members. Plan to vote on changes in April 2019. Lynn will lead this and include Barbara and Pat.

Attend next Face-to-Face social meeting on December 6, 2018 from 6-9PM at studio of ACW members Erik Helgeson and Ana Musachio – 710 Central Ave., Unit 1, Minneapolis. Please bring snack to share and BYOB.

All ACW members who are able to attend.

Time adjourned: 3:05PM