Nov 21, 2021 Meeting

Minutes submitted by Lay McDill

Nov 21, 2021 Meeting

Next Meeting is January 2 at 4:00 PM CST


Solar Thank You Party for Volunteer Staff.  – if you couldn’t come there is an ADP Tote Bag for you in 215 at Solar Arts.


Objects D’ Arte or “Romancing the Hallway”- Doesn’t have to be your art but things that make people stop and check it out.  Hanging from Fish line- wall of curios   Bring by Dec. 1st 8-10 to drop off pieces. Or contact Barbara

Owen Brown- “Noble Truths” Studio Visit Program. Materials are all ready to go. Google Form is ready to be filled out for those that are interested.  4 people for 2022.  $100 stipend to cover treats etc.  Email Owen  for the form and he will send it to them.  Chosen randomly if more than 4 apply that have all the criteria- Voted in.  Open until Feb. 15th – chosen by random number generator.


Coaching Project-


Euphoria- Lauren Edson

Short works festival (performance/film) around the theme of Gender Euphoria (the psychological bliss and comfort when your gender is aligned with your identity)

One night festival- or more if fundraising comes in. Choosing a venue right now.  Dance, poetry, short films, spoken word, – variety of performance.

Website has been published.  Links to social media.

Has 4 apps- hoping for 10.

There will be a survey on the website too. Contact Lauren for application.  Lauren Edson   See Following for application details


Team Crescendo – Ashley is still looking for applications for “Blood on the Payment” and still needs a few visual artists to interpret her poetry. Contact Ashley See Following for application details


Team Re-Imagineers- Building Sensory Room at Emma Norton – a facility with 14 apartments for homeless mothers with at least 3 children.



Won ICON/TODAY GRANT  $5,100.00    Won Arts Midwest for Coaching Project: $2,500.00
Several Operating Grants still out.


On Location Drawing: Calendar is out and ready to purchase for Small Business Saturday.  Need copy for Newsletter.  Deb and Katie will. send all the photos for the website.


10% club-  Next year- Art A Whirl will be the focus.  Open to all artists in NE Art-A-Whirl.  No place? Get a spot in the Fox Den in Solar Arts  if you are willing to contribute 10% to ACW. Must be an ACW member.


Gritique:  Greg – Plan is to get everything up on the website by the end of December- 3 months of gathering the group and start with first critique in April.  $100 a year to be a member (goes to ACW minus operating expenses)   Have to go to 3 Critiques to have your own work critiqued.


Duluth Art Institute- 10 artists up there, 10 artists down here- Climate Change Theme.  SooVac show and Duluth Art Institute.  We will help find places to stay- cultural exchange.  Steering committee- two from each board and then someone from outside (Peggy Flanigan)   $250 to each artist plus 100% of sale to artists.


Interns- ending their cycle this December. No interns for Winter cycle.


    Barbara Rogers Bridges PhD, Executive Director, Curriculum Consultant
    Liza Ferrari, Accountant
    Paul Irland, webmaster
    Layl MCDill, BOD Chair, PR Coordinator, Conflict Coordinator
    Natalie McGuire, Newsletter Coordinator, Special Projects Assistant
    Lucy Schroepfer, Exhibitions Coordinator
    Rebecca Froelick, Intern, Social Media Coordinator
    Natalia Granquist, Intern, Stand With Artist Project Coordinator
    Aristoteles Carbajal, TikToc Point Person
    Candy Kuehn, Instagram Point Person
    Abby Ross, Communications Coordinator, Coaching Project
    Cory Favre, Designer
    Catherine Palmer and Debb Ripp, On Location Drawing Coordinator
    Bea Crow, PR Intern
    Greg Volker, Critique Coordinator
    Laura Mann-Hill  Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator
    Nina Robinson, Square Coordinator, Exhibition Review Committee
    Michael Schardin, Exhibition Review Committee
    Bianca Dawkins, Exhibition Review Committee
    Rebecca David, Grant Finder
    Susan Gainen, Copy Writer|
    Owen Brown, Studio Noble Truths Coordinator
    Fox Den Assistance Jodi Janz and Catherine PAlmer