Nov 20, 2022 Minutes




ACW Task Force




  • Barbara
  • Kelly
  • Layl
  • Katie
  • Lucy
  • Deb
  • Natalie
  • Becca
  • Greg
  • Alkemy
  • Frances
  • Rose
  • Collin




Send all events to Rebecca to put on ACW calendar,


Email Natalie with volunteer hours,

>Group has decided that we should also let her know about events we attend that are connected to ACW


Give to the Max went well, we pretty much hit our goal of $3,000.

>Money can go toward website revamp


Women’s Press idea has been approved


NEMMA membership > Yes, we want to do this


Events > Encourage not require


Layl’s studio will be open on December 6th at 6pm


Possible do another event with the Grand Hand


ACW now has a Lyft Business account so if you need help with rides contact with Barbara


Group art show went well


Kelly’s proposal > Approved

  • Based off of the MWMO project
  • Wearable art
  • Should be somewhere with a stage
    • Grand Hand is too small
    • Maybe Global Market
  • Pay what you can or could do tickets


Club Critique

  • Deb on December 15th
  • Candy on January 18th
  • Layl on February 22nd



Next meeting December 20th

>We can meet at 6 and the glitter group doesn’t have to meet before


Glitter Renaissance Group




  • Barbara
  • Kelly
  • Alkemy
  • Frances
  • Rose
  • Collin
  • Briauna





  • Make a booklet for the show
  • Celebration of experience with autism
  • Guest speaker could be a TikToker or maybe a person who has written a book
    • Frances will connect about this



  • Possibly found a coach
  • Got a grant!



  • Supplies have arrived
  • Still figuring out some details
  • Maybe ask participants about what day of the week it should be on



  • Global Market is excited to host
  • Partner with the artist market that is already there
  • Madalina can do henna



  • Connected with some vendors


Everyone needs to keep track of who they are contacting