Newsletter Post

The ACW Ambassador Program

Submitted by ACW Board Member Craig Harris
January 2020

Art to Change the World (ACW) will soon launch the ACW Ambassador Program, an exciting and important new program created to respond to two important questions that are at the foundation of the organization’s work:

  1. How can Art to Change the World support its members to achieve their goals?
  2. How can Art to Change the World extend its reach to amplify its global impact?


Art to Change the World members are periodically provided opportunities to attend and participate in conferences, festivals, exhibitions, panels, and other types of networking and informational events. Engaging in these activities brings their work out into the public arena, introduces them and their work to broader populations, and provides increased potential for future opportunities and collaborations. Participation in these activities can be expensive, though, and additional support can make the difference in their ability to participate. Expenses incurred may relate to various kinds of materials/production expenses, travel and accommodations, per diem, and potentially loss of work that provides compensation.

As an organization, Art to Change the World needs to extend its local and global reach to live up to its name and goals to “change the world”. In order to accomplish this ACW seeks to establish and build relationships with individuals and organizations doing critical work around the world, and to strategically collaborate to magnify the effect of our work.

The ACW Ambassador Program provides financial support towards a member’s expenses related to their participation in a specific event, and the member represents ACW within that community. The goal of the member’s ACW representation may incude such activities as:

  • Providing printed materials for people to take and read;
  • Participating in a workshop, panel or poster activity;
  • Identifying specific individuals and organizations to introduce to ACW, and facilitating a connection to cultivate a relationship; and
  • Exploring organizational and/or project collaboration opportunities in concert with ACW leadership.


To apply the member will provide details about the specific event, the member’s proposed activity at the event, the potential of the opportunity to support the program goals, a basic budget, and the nature of the expenses for which the member seeks support. The member will provide some ideas for their Ambassador activity(ies) that would be appropriate for that community and event. Their request will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. If the project meets the program requirements and some level of funding may be available, a representative from ACW will discuss the specifics of the request with the member to create an agreement that provides a fair collaboration that respects the goals of both the member and the organization. The ACW Ambassador will report back to ACW Leadership following the activity, and we will work together to advance discussions as appropriate.

Specific details about the application process will be made available in the coming weeks.

I am taking the ACW Ambassador Program out for a dry run on February 1, when I attend the 2020 Community Connections Conference in Minneapolis. The Community Connections Conference is an annual free event that fosters connections between the residents of Minneapolis, community groups, neighborhoods and local government. The conference features important information, networking opportunities, panels, speakers, performances, free food and over 100 exhibitors spaces. Check out this link if you’re interested in attending this event.  I am signed up to attend a workshop entitled “Use Storytelling to Education, Empower & Build Empathy Across Difference.” I look forward to learning more about our community, and to building new relationships to deepen the work of Art to Change the World.

If you are interested in supporting the Art to Change the World Ambassador Program and magnify the potential for global change, please follow this link to contribute. Provide a note as you make your contribution to indicate “ACW Ambassador Program Support”.