My Octopus Teacher

FREE December 12, 2020  6:00 Watch Event and Discussion organized by Candy Kuehn and Suyao Tian

One review described this movie as an emotional meditative experience.

“Perhaps one of the most seemingly alien things to humans, aside from the mysterious depths of space, is the spellbinding enchantments of the ocean–right here on Earth. There is so much to be explored, understood, and observed for the first time. As Craig Foster discovers in this life-changing documentary, there is a great likelihood of encountering something entirely new every time you explore it, the underwater vastness and variety are screaming for scientific discoveries.  Co-directed by James Reed, this meditative documentary stars Craig Foster (also the narrator) who spends every single day for a year boldly free diving in the chilly waters near Cape Town (with no wet-suit or scuba gear) to spend time with an octopus. After quitting her job to work on the documentary, co-director and editor Pippa Ehrlich masters her first feature-length film with a fervent passion to spread their knowledge.  Read More: ht

My husband and I found this Movie, exquisitely beautiful, engrossing, in cinema photography, the story, and how it contains the whole earth. This can be watched by all generations. Octopuses are intelligent, thoughtful beings. We need to learn more about them. Candy

You can watch My Octopus Teacher free on Amazon Prime and Netflix BEFORE our Dec 12, 2020 Zoom event.   Post to register.  Bring 2 discussion questions!

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Attendees: Candy Kuehn, Craig Harris, Barbara Bridges, Layl McDill, Jill Waterhouse, Suyao Tian, David Hollinsworth <>, Julie McDill

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