Monthly Report Project Manager     

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Coaching Project for a Better World  – Monthly Report Project Manager                      Date: ________________

Name ____________________________ Coaches:_________________________________________

Attending the Monthly Team Zoom. List:

Idea Paragraph (has it changed?)

Project Name                                                                        Topic(s) 

Target Audience (what have you done to identify? Plan to connect? Invite? Incentive for participation?)

Objectives  Identify changes. Report on progress.

Snappy Launch ?  Changed? Same?

Procedure Create as many cells as you need. This is where you report on what you have accomplished and what you are planning. PLEASE TAKE MANY PICTURES AND SEND THEM TO LAYL FOR PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES!

Date Task/Activity Who What materials will you need? Cost of materials/
Need Help with Describe Progress

Money Request Total: The $3,000 project money will be disbursed by invoice/receipt. Please scan the receipt(s) and send them to Barbara. You can use some of this money to hire consultants/videographers etc but they must invoice you.  Barbara will pay you in a Pay Pal account that you need to have or create.

Date Materials/stipends  How Much Invoice/Receipt attached Explanation Notes Balance
  Expand as needed        

Assess Your Progress.   How has the project changed and developed?” (because we know it will).  “What changes were predictable or expected? And what changes were unexpected?” What do you still need. What Resources are you still looking for?

I dialogued in Slack _____  times.  Positives?  Negatives?

Procedure Do you feel the Project Manager is on task?  Assess Progress.   What is going well?  What do you still need to address?  What Resources are you still looking for?

Suggestions on Program Modifications.
What can we do better?
What is really working?

I would like____________________to please give me a call?   Your Phone Number:

Please send your report to Barbara Bridges and Layl McDill Please put your name in the subject line.

Please post Layl McDill Boots on the Ground, Conflict Coordinator, and ACW PR Director with pictures and copy for Promotions! Please also feel invited to reach out to Communications Coordinator Abby Ross,