Monthly Report -Coaches

Copy and Paste into your preferred word processor:

Coaching Project for a Better World  – Monthly Report -Coaches     Date: __________________

Your Name ___________________________________

Project Manager Name____________________

Project Name  ___________________________

Target Audience.  Has it been identified?  (What have you done to identify? Plan to connect? Invite? Incentive for participation?)


Objectives  Same? Post here. Identify changes. Report on progress or challenges.

Procedure Do you feel the Project Manager is on task?  Assess Progress.   Obstacles or challenges encountered and methods, discoveries, improvisations to overcoming them. What do you still need for resources?

I dialogued in Slack _____  times.  Positives?  Negatives?

Suggestions on Program Modifications.

What can we do better?

What is really working?

I would like____________________to please give me a call?   Your Phone Number:

Please send your report to Barbara Bridges and Layl McDill Please put your name in the subject line.

Please post Layl McDill Boots on the Ground, Conflict Coordinator, and ACW PR Director with pictures and copy for Promotions! Please also feel invited to reach out to Communications Coordinator Abby Ross,