Monthly Project Management checklist

Art to Change the World  Monthly Project Management checklist. Build this form as your project progresses.

Report File Name:  Month/Year, your last name, one title word

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Start planning and putting on the event at least 6 months in advance. Here’s a checklist to help.

Contents of  PMT Checklist

Application Procedure 
The Basics.  Exhibition or Event? Venue Contract, PR, Budget, Reimbursement. (
Page 11-12)
Call for Participation  


Participant Contracts 

One Month Out 

Run Up to the Event  

Staging Day  

After the Event  

Participant Database 

Artist Database
Monthly Planning: What do you need from ACW?  


Please indicate completion by an X in the yellow space

Return this same updated document to ACW Manager each month. Provide detailed updates. NOTE: Cc the ACW Director on all communications with venues.

6 months before start date. Your possible project start date  month/year___________

Application Procedure BEFORE
 you plan an event make sure:

1.____The project proposal is submitted to the director. (see how to submit a proposal)

2.____Green light is given by the director  to present to the  Task Force

  1. ____Proposal presented to the task force and is approved Date___________

5 months before start date.
The ACW Director is still involved at this level.  Please get approval before communicating with potential venues, partners or participants. The director will negotiate the deal and write a brief agreement before the project starts.

The Basics

4.____Name of Project:

5.____Theme (stick as close as possible to ACW’s mission of social justice and building community). Consider what other organizations you can partner with. Speakers, Funding, Invitations etc. List here:

6.____Logo created (call for design or do your own).  Attach. ACW director must approve all copy.

7.___ Copy and Logo to create Project Page approved by the ACW Task Force. ALL documents and copy must include: This is an Art to Change the World project. Create a 3-5 sentence description of your project to be used to create your project page and to use for a newsletter. Submit to director.

8._____Event Date(s) and Times (consider  holidays  – work around them, Also other major ACW events or other events)    For Example – Avoid Art A Whirl . Check ACW Calendar:


Exhibition? Call for Art ?  ACW Newsletter, NEMAA Newsletter, Task Force, Social Media, Other?
Date? ______  How many people? _______________________-
Artwork Label Due Date ______________________________  Participants submit copy to YOU! Do not expect the venue to chase people.  Example of artwork label: Up/Drop Off _____________Where?        Contact Person__________
name, _email, phone
Opening Event Date and Time ____________
Other Activities Dates , Times, Descriptions _____________
Venue Contact Person____________name, email, phone
Closing Date  _______________ Will there be a reception?
De-Install/Clean -Up. ____________________  ALL Participants.
Venue Name________________  Address_______________
Tell them ACW would like to print the Artwork Labels.  Make sure they know we need up to 8.5 x 11 inch artwork statements. Explain why.  ACW’s mission to educate. Example: You need to confirm most of this information again with the space rep as it’s a lot to keep track of. Do they have enough public bathrooms, security, handicap accessible? Any restrictions they have to comply with.  Exhibition? Is there space for 3D art and what can you put on and in the walls/ceilings, windows. Many shows and exhibitions expect the work will be for sale.

Hanging an Exhibition. ACW has some extra tools, but make sure you have extra hammer, nails, hooks, wire, wire cutters, scissors, tape, etc.  ACW encourages statements that go with the work so the public can better understand the message and intention. Can be up to 8.5 x 11 inches.  Please create a statement like this:
Ask for help, if needed. Artists often  hang and de-install their own work.

Other Kind of Event?  What?
Call for Apps ? ACW Newsletter, NEMAA Newsletter, Task Force, Social Media, Other?
Date? ______  How many people? _______________________-
Workshops?  Date ___________________Contact Person(s)__________ name, _email, phone

Opening Event Date and Time ____________
Other Activities Dates , Times, Descriptions _____________
Contact Person____________name, email, phone
Closing Date  _______________
Clean -Up. ____________________  ALL Participants.
Venue Name________________  Address_______________ Contact Person__________ name, _email, phone

_____Alcohol we advise against this strategy but read on if you are determined. (ACW does not have a liquor license) You will need a bartender or entity that has a license. A liquor license depends on the venue, the city, and what type of alcohol and how it’s offered. This is important as we don’t want anyone to get fined or be liable for consequences. Please use these links and email if you have questions. Google liquor licensing for the State of MN or for Minneapolis Temporary Alcohol Permits – City of Minneapolis ( You’ll need to fill out the temporary “on-sale” license, even though we will not be selling. There is a “wine only” version: Temporary On Sale Wine (   There IS a fee for this license of $225.00 for “temporary on sale wine” <10,000 people/day.  Insurance:     MUST BE SIGNED BY ACW DIRECTOR

10.____   You must visit the space in person, Find out who handles sales and if there’s a commission and the space size and, drop off and pick up art dates, parking, and if you can have alcohol there and if it’s open to the public.

11.___Agreement/Contract created by ACW Director (or the venue) and signed by director with the venue.  Check here:  Date____________-

12.____Copy for Newsletter Announcement and Project Page Creation for your project? See past Newsletters for example..
Send to ACW Director. All PR copy must include: This is an Art to Change the World project.

  1. ____Budget Details. Source of funding? Specific line items. How much. For what and to who. Create a grid like below. ACW is not a funding organization. Project manager is responsible for seeking funding.  ACW will help. Please check with ACW director first with your ideas.  We do not want to be submitting competing grants.  Look here: ____ Reimbursements. Receipts attached? List monthly total here. ____________ Disbursements on the 1st of the month.  Add total for each month. Attach to ACW Director.
What Who  -Contact info How Much Deliverables Notes

Call for Participation

15. ____Delegate duties to others? Give them a completion date when you ask.  Ask for volunteers. Who? Contact data.  Details:_____

  1. ____Call for participation? ACW Newsletter and NEMAA newsletter (Due on the 20th of the month), FB, Instagram and Tic Tok. ) Must have a social justice theme. This is an Art to Change the World project.

Who can apply.  Must be an active ACW member or become an ACW member IF ACCEPTED. Anyone can apply-no fees. Contact to see if yearly membership is current.

All ACW members need to volunteer 6 hours to participate in ongoing ACW projects.
(volunteer hours can include helping  with the event, hanging the show, office work, etc.).

How will you receive these participant submissions? Via email is typical or for larger shows consider google forms.  Work on application copy with ACW Director.  Must be approved.

17.___  Create artist application.  Blank Application example for you to use:  All Copy must include: This is an Art to Change the World Project.

18.____ Create a document, WITH DEADLINES,  to send to the accepted participants (day, time, parking, space, pick up, installation expectations,  payment, tax info) this document will be readily available for them to refer to on the project page with clear expectations of them. Send this document to ACW Director for review. Include W-9’s with social security number from all participants. Following. Send contract to ACW Director for review before you disburse.
Need the final contract. You can find blanks of most forms on the Resources page:


  1. ____Plan to update the task force at their monthly meetings on the progress of your event. Plan to attend monthly status meetings with other Project Leaders.


4 months before start date. My 4 month date___________

  1. ____Get/Take pictures and “write” article for possible inclusion in local magazines/newspapers.

Make a promotion plan that considers publicity from the start. Include where, what and cost. NOTE: ALL promo in all media should include, at the very least: This is an Art to Change the World Project.

21.____ Date _____  Pictures and article for possible inclusion in local magazines and newspapers. Find all the small newspapers connected to your participants.  If you write the article and include a picture… it heightens the chance they will publish it.

ACW has a media spreadsheet you can use. The best press we have had was small newspapers. Ask the artists what their local newspaper is and then highlight that artist in the press release you send to that paper. Here’s the link to the media spreadsheet. Please update it every time you use it-the contact people will likely change and newspapers shut down. Feel free to add media as you come across it. Here’s a checklist for publicity:

Participant  Contracts

22.____Contracts. People exhibiting art or other services, need contracts in order to participate, paid or unpaid. You can find current blanks of most forms on the Resources page:

Contracts are created and sent to participants by the ACW Director or contract and license coordinator. Need an email list of your artists/performers needing stipends. Participants will be paid with PayPal AFTER THE EVENT IS

COMPLETED.  They need a PayPal account.

_______ Dates:  Date contract sent by________Return due date________________________

23._______  You need a signed W-9 from each participant. See below.

Contracts include what they need to do which is: send bio photo, title cards, artist statement, drop off art by a certain date, pick up art by a certain date, commit to the times of the event, attend at least one if not both the opening the closing of the event with at least three guests, promote event. Answer emails and deadlines in a timely manner. No show, no cancellation means no inclusion in the project.

One Month Out           Your One Month Out Date________________

Date________Advertise 4 weeks out from the opening AND _4 weeks out from the closing (newsletter, press releases, distribute fliers, cards, blog, Instagram, FB etc. ) Details:
ACW PR Coordinator does a blanket PR blitz. Provide them with approved copy.  Write a press release. (see How to write a Press Release or see sample here:

Run Up to Event
One Week/One day Email Notifications. Using your project database team emails, post everyone at least one week out with all times, activities, materials and people needed. Then post again the day before. Post your speakers/musicians/support staff.  Ask for confirmation of receipt.

Your Opening.Event: Personal invites via snail mail or text or call seem to work best-have the artists and those involved commit to invite at least 3 people.


Activity: Support Materials Needed:


Staging your Event : Day Of         My performance/Opening date _____________

  1. _____________ Professional Nametags for participants (who are not in costume)

    _______ Clicker to count attendance and Intern to run it.

    _____  ACW Swag.  Tshirts, donation box, info sign up sheet. ACW Cards and a person to run it.

______Music (sound equipment (microphone, speakers). Test ahead of time!

______ Speakers/Performers. Dates and Times____________Details  List them here.

_______Furniture (chairs, tables, sculpture stands, stage) who will bring them and when? List them here.

________Additional lighting?

______Food/drink for most informal events (most times artists bring one store bought food item to share. Sometimes ACW has extra cups and beverages to bring. Artists and people in charge of the food should expect to pay their own cost unless the food was originally included in your budget). Details_________________
Food/Drink for formal events.  Include in your budget.  ACW has cups, water and coffee dispensers.  Food delivered?  List  Vendor:

________Consider doing promotional events or out-of-the-box ideas along with events related to your theme and event and event space). Ideas?

________Plan ways for interaction with attendees, have signage about every aspect, consider make and takes, workshops, demos, giveaways, make it a community event.  Details_________________

________Get high quality photos before, during, and after the event for promo. ACW can pay $50.  Details_________________

  1. _______ Give your participants a short survey about what they liked and what you could change for next time`

_________Create a brief show survey.
1.  What did you like the best about this event?  2. What could we modify for next time
3. Win a t-shirt? Email________________________

After the Event.

26_____ALL Participants Stay to help clean up.


27._______Make sure everyone picks up their art, helps clean up before they receive their payments. NOTE:  If there is a “closing”, checks can be distributed. YOU are responsible to make sure everything is picked up.  If participants do not show, you take what is left.

Stipend Checklist_________________________

Name, email, PayPal email,  cell, stipend, paid.

28._______Send hand written thank you-cards to your contact at the venue and others that helped. Important.

Give contracts/tax info document, any surveys to the project manager or director.

What ACW will do for your event:

-Promote your event in the monthly Newsletter (get a copy of the promo to ACW Director at by the 20th of the month to be in the next month’s letter).

-Set up an event on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and promote on all social media platforms of ACW (you should plan to be involved in this part too- like, comment, and share to push the posts further).

-Connect you with experts, speakers on your theme, set up events, and access to volunteers.

-Offer tools, cups/plates, whatever event supplies we may have on hand.

29._______ IMPORTANT!  If you have a project partner(s), please give them the Exit Survey and Sign Off document to review and sign.  Return to Director.

Participant Database


Name and Role Email
Pay Pal
Address Phone Notes


Artist Database



Name and Role Email
Pay Pal
Address Phone Notes

Monthly Planning (what are you working on? What do you need from us?)

Date                          Status