Minutes Task Force December 2023

Task Force Meeting




  • Barbara
  • Frances
  • Katie
  • Susan
  • Natalie
  • Kelly
  • Deb
  • Layl
  • Ellen
  • KaoLee
  • Anna
  • Bronwyn




Barbara found us some more funding opportunities, so we are set to pay stipends until June


November 19th new member event was a success

  • Trash to Treasure – We already sold some items
  • SWAP + Barter – Lin is looking for submissions to add to their bulletin
  • Critique Cabaret – Get more studios involved, Katie offered hers


Put out a call for art for Emma Norton, Mill City, and Echoes projects

  • Layl helped create an easy-to-use application system
  • Frances will create a call for art email list and send out a flyer


ROHO Collective – Anna knows about them


Frances will connect Bronwyn to Mike about when to future Critique Cabaret meetups and to Khanh and Jodi at the Dow for another potential place to host.


Echoes of Tradition

  • Logo in the works, vote on your favorite
  • Connect to college associations


Send Kelly an email about which Zoom workshops you want to participate in for the ACW Cabin Fever Reliever program


Art-A-Whirl passport to get people to visit more artists in ACW

  • Project approved
  • Anna will be project manager and show ideas next meeting


Next Meeting on February 5th at 6pm