Minutes Oct 17, 2022

Glitter Renaissance Group




  • Barbara
  • Kelly
  • Layl
  • Alkemy
  • Frances
  • Rose
  • Collin
  • Briauna
  • Lauren
  • Apollo




Barbara has supplies for Alkemy’s project


Work on getting more people using Discord


GRG Projects

  • Frances is looking into venues
  • Collin is thinking about Logan Park Rec Center
  • Rose has a meeting with Grand Hand Gallery
    • No venue charges
    • Happening in July/August 2023
  • Briauna is thinking Cleveland Park, Capri, or Springboard
    • Maybe we can combine Briauna’s and Collin’s projects
  • Lauren’s budget will go up because she is expanding her projects
    • Frances suggested that we could put her videos online


Coaches will get $200 from ACW to help run projects


Lauren brought up a good point that some people may just want to support individual projects. Barbara says people can send checks with a note about who it’s for.



  • We should all try to show up for the Arts Impact Grant review Barbara will be setting up
  • Have the total budget of the entire project not just what you are asking for
    • Put where the money is coming from
  • Say the actual end date of the project not the last day they give you

ACW Task Force




  • Barbara
  • Kelly
  • Layl
  • Katie
  • Lucy
  • Deb
  • Natalie
  • Candy
  • Craig
  • Rebecca
  • Susan
  • David
  • Alkemy
  • Frances
  • Rose
  • Collin
  • Apollo




Send all events to Rebecca to put on ACW calendar, rebecca.a.froehlich@gmail.com


Candy suggests we connect with the M.I.A. about a place to put our MWMO artwork. They offer an artist exhibition space that both Candy and Layl know about.


Pontoon Party for top ACW volunteers


December 6th Layl’s studio will be open for tours



  • Video moved a little fast so maybe focus on one movement
  • Candy has tips from a TikToker she can send Rose and Frances


Frances will create a group Google Doc to keep track of ideas for ACW social media



  • Approved to hire him for the next couple months to help ACW with business management, branding, and fund raising
  • Project Proposal
    • Gathering musicians together
    • What can he do to make it more social justice related?
    • Candy has an idea about energy, kuehn@gmail.com
    • Given the go ahead to start his project


Candy and Craig Project Proposal

  • An exploration of loss, hope and transformation that creates a Legacy of a more healthy, supportive, and sustainable world.
  • Madalina suggests connecting to Wonderlust
  • Add an insider workshop for ACW artists
  • ACW members can help volunteer
    • Natalie is interested in helping
  • Bring Lauren into the project
    • Will be in connection to Craig coaching her GRG project
    • Could be the person that helps get ACW members involved
  • Approval given for $500 to help support the project
    • Barbara will figure out the specifics with Craig


Maybe a group needs to be created to help access some of the more unique project proposals like Candy and Craig’s.


People are unsure of the “Happening” logo draft so it will be revamped and brought up again.


Next meeting December 20th