Minutes June 22 Task Force

Projected Budget Still be in the black even if we don’t get the $43000 in grants we have out. Did not get MRAC grant.

New Hires!
Community Development Coordinator Kelly Frankenberg – PR Coordinator, Monthly Article, Develop Buddy Program, Copy Editor $400 a month.
Intern Director and Youth Coordinator , Elsie Gray – $400 a month. Will run intern program that are nearly hired.
Bookkeeper  $75 an hour  Vicki Novak  (about $150 a month at the most)

Org Chart : https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/acw-organizational-chart/


Veteran Thank You for Your Service 3 Free  Memberships? They have no money. Dave Doroshok works at the VA. Motion ; Barbara, Deb Seconds. Unanimous – Yes

July 20  Summer Party
/ 5 year anniversary, Award Longevity of Influence Award.  Tom Fulton is going to work on using this 5 year anniversary as a fundraiser.

MWMO Water Project    ACW  can function as the non-profit for Individual Grant Requests. 10% admin fee for non-members  5% admin fee for members. Talk about your own practice.  Won’t be asking for money or resources from ACW.  Layl moves: ACW will be a fiscal agent for Barbara for the MWMO Water Project and pay ACW 5% admin fee.  , Deb seconds, Unanimous- passes


Club Critique in July. Who? Scorpio- Layl will reach out to find a date.

Interns – Will be hiring a new cohort for summer and fall term.

Next Noble Truths Studio Visit is August 10 with Susan Hensel.


Age of Age Report – all going as planned.  Comedians will be outside unless it rains.  Labels are coming in.

A of A  Exhibition Donations
Bridges donated $500
Frankenberg Donated $2,000.
Still need $3500.

Maker Space Project (s)

YMCA   – Have the whole $5000.
Emma Norton- Just starting the discussion. Emma’s Place is where Sensory Space was created now they are interested in creating a maker’s space in this building.
Haven House – toured last week now we need them to commit $1000
Timing- We were trying to start in July but we have shifted to starting in September.

Lucy working on application- Lists criteria to apply.  Later due date than July 1st (not set yet)


August:  Time out to rejuvenate- no events. Newsletter with be all member articles- call in next newsletter.


October Retreat-  Somewhere within an hour of the city.

On Location: 5 people at Boom Island, Next one at Bde Maka Ska

Food Shelf Project.  Herman wants details.  He thinks he can get funding.  Need a nice promo paragraph with cost and deliverables for 200 units- Vicki will do.   Suggestion- Work with Sally Gibson to get a handout project to go with the units.



Topic: Junee 22 Task Force Meeting
Start Time: Jun 22, 2022 05:52 PM

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