May 9, 2018 Non-profit Networking

Meeting with Barbara Bridges and

Nikki Storebo, Quality Assurance Director, QIDDP, Training Specialist, Carver Shared Living Supervisor,  Mount Olivet Rolling Acres,  (612) 718-0983 (Cell),  (952) 474-3652 (Fax)

Nikki is interested in  partnering with ACW for the following opportunities:

  1. Attend non-profit networking night at the October event
  2. Listed on our Non-Profit Networking page on the ACW website.
  3. Collaborate on grants  to design art therapy experiences with ACW artists at their 33 group homes.
  4.  Plan on attending the October event with from 10-12  residents.
  5. Becoming a member of our Non-Profit Comittee