May 4 Board Meeting Minutes

ACW Board Meeting May 4, 2019  – Minutes


Meeting called to order at 4:17 p.m.


Present: Layl McDill, Craig Harris, Sally Gibson, Margo Ashmore, Lynn Olson. Executive Director Barbara Bridges (chaired in absence of Rogers).

Guest: Danielle Ricci. Liza Ferrari joined us by phone for her items.

Absent: Patricia Rogers , Kristi Hemmer, Shira Richter.


Last meeting minutes – no vote taken


Board terms reviewed, and votes taken on officers:

Liza Ferrari as Treasurer. Moved by Barbara Bridges, Seconded by Lynn Olson, passed unanimous.

Pat Rogers as interim president for four more months. Moved by Barbara Bridges, Seconded by Lynn Olson, passed unanimous.

Margo Ashmore was nominated for secretary, said she’d think about it. No action taken.


Mission Statement revision – by Liza Ferrari – Moved by Barbara Bridges, Seconded by Lynn Olson, passed unanimous, below:


“Art to Change the World (ACW) is a diverse non-profit coalition of change makers employing the arts in service of positive social change.” This will appear on all agendas, correspondence, etc. where appropriate.


Treasurers Report received and filed. Not much activity since last one. There was some discussion on tracking expenses and donations: That board members and executive director must not make payments out of their own pockets directly for expenses of the organization. The organization pays for expenses so that there is an accurate record of operations, and then receives donations which are also tracked.


Directors Report (received, discussed, filed)

Related motions/modifications:


Authorizing submission of the Bush grant to support the coaching project as discussed and to include $12,000 that candidates can apply for, toward implementation of their projects. Motion by Margo Ashmore, seconded by Sally Gibson, Passed.


AirBnB project: Motion to explore installation of art and curator  with Richard Raymond . Need to  discuss event going forward.  Barbara Bridges moved, Layl McDill seconded, passed.


ArtShare once a month studio meetups. As there are other organizations using the term ArtShare, we changed ours to See. Say. Show. Moved by Layl McDill, seconded by Barbara Bridges, passed.


Gibson Fundraiser – likely to be in September, might need a venue other than her small home if incorporating a performance.


Major donor party Oct. 5 – timeline modified to 11-5 (11 being the bus pickup if any, arrive at the farm 12:30) Participants may prefer to drive on their own or car pool. Logistics will be worked out.


“To Do Items” from various sections of the agenda:


Program development work group – everyone to keep in mind opportunities that might fit the three areas discussed:

1.) ACW partners with social service and arts organizations to bring our unique perspective to enrich their activities and events (getting partial credit without having to be on the hook for all the planning, the venue rental).


2.) Presence at local, regionals, national and international arts festivals, symposia and conferences. Literature to be sent along to include at the tables of members who are going to these things, for example.


3.) Create supplemental programming activities such as discussions, film screenings and studio visits aligned with ACW members exhibitions, performances, etc.


Think about stories of change accomplished through ACW or its members’ efforts. Stories are needed for fundraising, and help illuminate the mission. Assigned: everyone.


All (active) ideas will be revisited at each board meeting, to keep them active.


Thank you notes were assigned (separate sheet). Contact info was passed out or will be coming from Barbara. It can be an email, a phone call (leaving message is okay) or hand-written card.


Next meeting set for September 20th, 5 p.m. at 2323 Monroe St. NE.


Adjourned 6:17.


Respectfully submitted,


Margo Ashmore