May 26 Task Force Minutes

May 26, 2022 Task Force Minutes


Present:  Barbara Bridges, Layl McDill, Nina Robinson, Susan Gainen, Natalie McGuire, Vicki Olson, Kelly Frankenberg, Katie Palmer, Deb Ripp, Kristin Petersen, Scorpio, Madalina Kelner.


  • New Committee being formed with the Euphoria project folks. Divergent/Relevant youth programming. Inspired by the coaching project. They will lead this project.
  • Do you know a veteran, ACW should be serving this demographic. Please reach out to Barbara if you know of a veteran that might be interested.
  • Age of Age is on track. Action item, Nina put out a save the date on Facebook. Kelly Frankenberg has pledged a $2000 donation for this project.
  • 5 year Anniversary party scheduled for July 20 (July 21 as rain day). Pizza Party at Layl and Josh’s. Please bring your favorite pizza toppings. Layl will need a little help with set up.
  • Barbara nominated George Roberts (Homewood Studio) as the recipient for the first ACW Longevity of Influence Award. Layl 2nd, core passed unanimously.
  • Barbara offered to create and donate an award for this year’s inaugural event. Layl moved to have Barbara create the award, Natalie 2nd, vote passed unanimously.
  • Everyone was asked to vote on a logo for the award. Send your choice to Barbara ASAP.
  • Chowdah feed on track, Layl, Natalie and Nina will help June 17 shucking from 3-5 . Deb Ripp, Linda Sharpe, Dario will help on day of event.
  • Food shelf initiative: Deb Ripp will also be helping Vicky and Becca David with this project.
  • Send Kelly Art-A-Whirl highlights for Creating Community Page.
  • Club Critique next meetin: Barbara Bridges studio, June 27th 6 pm. 2323 Monroe
  • Please Continue to send Rebecca Froehlich birthday dates for the calendar.
  • Motion made to make Denise Tennen a member at the $500 level, Nina 2nd, motion passed unanimously. Denise is cleaning out her studio and has offered ACW artworks to use in our Makers Space and SWAP projects.
  • Mojo Coffee fundraiser. June 25th 12-10. 2 shifts with 4-6 artists each. Can have up to 8 artists. Barbara will get 3 $500 donations for the event. Nina and Kelly co-project managers with Nina, BOTG for day of event. Layl will make a QR code to have for donations.
  • Should we have a retreat in the Fall for BOD, Task Force and Advisory Board? Ideas? In town? Overnight? Anyone know of a space that would be conducive?
  • Noble Truths: Greg Volker will host this at his Studio. June 23, 6 pm.
  • On location donated its funds from the calendar sales for scholarships.
  • Scorpio is involved with REM 5 Studios, a virtual reality event June 25. On July 23rd he will be having an underground show.
  • Continuing discussion on the Art Star Scholarship.
    * Tom Fulton donated $5,000.00 towards 2nd 6 months of leadership stipends.



Next Meeting Wednesday, June 22, 6 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Nina Martine Robinson, Secretary ACW