May 25 Task Force Minutes

Task Force Meeting




  • Barbara
  • Frances
  • Natalie
  • Kelly
  • Layl
  • Deb
  • Briauna
  • Walter
  • Kaolee
  • Sandra
  • Apollo
  • Katie
  • Candy
  • Susan




Briauna got WCCO for Heal and Chill


Sandra will be joining the BOD


Project Management program has been funded


Heal and Chill

  • Briauna created a slide show. Frances will design something to advertise ACW.
  • Apollo made ACW a LinkTree
  • We could ask members to volunteer to serve food. Susan Gainen offered.


Kaolee wants to help with SWAP and make it more prominent on the ACW website


Chowdah Feed – Frances, Candy, Susan, Deb, and Kaolee will help volunteer


Make signup sheets for Precious Exhibition workshops to have at opening


Pride Exhibition is approved


Walter will be taking the feedback given on names from his project and reworking it to bring up at next meeting


Add teaching people how to sell art to the Project Manager Training Program


Frances will help gather ACW member’s Instagram’s to add to bios