May 23

May 23rd, 2021

Attending: Barbara, Cory, Abby, Layl, Lucy, Bianca, Deb

Action Minutes Only


  • ADP Report/ Budget – Barbara
  • Solar Arts Building – Barbara
    • Layl to check in with Lucy about exhibition guidelines > “massage it out”
  • Art A Whirl ACW Show- Lucy
    • Reminder: if you’re an artist getting paid – remember to email Lucy your paypal handle 
    • Lucy will add optional checkbox to drawing form for folks to be on ACW newsletter
  • Extensions Program – Abby
  • Creation of a Grant/Private Donor Committee.  Creating a Plan of Action – Barbara
    • Lucy up for joining conversation about how
  • Invite Special groups to PUPP?  Elderly?
    • Deb doing the research/finding groups (database) of who is out there
  • Social Media and SWAP Report- Scorpio
  • Summer Party June 27 at 4pm for $200 Donors- All Task Force is invited -Layl
    • Expecting 15 (+ taskforce) = 20-25, donors can have plus one 
    • Committed to attending: Lucy (come at 3 until 7:30pm), Cory (at 3pm), Deb
      • Deb – mango/fruit
      • Lucy – canned artichokes, and red sauce 
      • Cory – pepperoni 
  • Small Exhibitions Committee. $100 to serve as project manager?
  • Norwegian Farmer Jeans project? May partner with WARM
    • Lucy to reach out to Sweedish Center, etc. to see if there is interest
    • Barbara send Lucy emails with backstory/info. 
  • ACW Group Exhibition(s) Report  Lynnette
  • Task Force role and status in ACW organization
  • PUPP
    • Layl to follow up with Scorpio about PUPP postcards


If you are a Sociable Cider Werks artist you should have returned the attached application by now.