March 4 Taskforce Meeting


ACW Task Force Meeting




  • Barbara
  • Rose
  • Frances
  • Becca
  • Deb
  • Kelly
  • Collin
  • Briauna
  • Alkemy
  • Candy
  • Susan
  • Layl




Connect with Bree about relaunching the intern project GoFundMe


Rose’ Project


Briauna has been advertising her project


Frances will send out the Project Manager checklist to the interns


Approved Walter for the Precious Exhibition


Alkemy should write up an article with some ah-ha moments from their project


Margo’s climate change project is going to discuss their mission and plan during the next project meeting


Values and Visions have been approved and will be brought to the board



  • Frances will run it for $200
  • Free t-shirt for volunteers who are there for a whole day


Add QR code how-to on the ACW website


Zoom series of workshops has been approved


Pilot project with Art Resources for All (ARFA) went well