MARCH 4, 2018

Thank you to Layl for helping work through our plan for FaceBook
Minutes, PR sub-committee March 4, 2018

ACW will hope that all  members will have FacBook accounts.  If help is needed- a tech buddy will be assigned.

Layl will make a 3 or 4 step procedure on how all of us need to Like and Follow our ACW FAceBook page.  Layl indicated all of our members need to send this step by step to all THEIR friends.


Layl will start a Mail Chimp account and create an invitation to our members. We  will need to send  Newsletter out on the mailchimp. Monthly? Then Weekly starting in September?


Barbara will post new content and pictures each weekend on the FB starting when we have Mail Chimp account.
Ideas:  Member events, promotions with swag for posting something a reader SAW, SAID and DID last year, contests to win small works from our membership, contests to win event tickets.  Other ideas?