Life on the Spectrum Survey Outcomes

This study is a synthesized hit count. Numbers indicate similar answers.  


What topic/art caught your attention and why?

The variety of the artwork 7
Before You- I like the light
wandering in silence
Soon-Wai’s line drawing felt very active. It is great to see the neurodivergence -I think many artists are neurodivergent 4
Photographic art works
I always enjoy events which feature local artists.3
Self Portraits were  were true and honest
Knowing the time it took to make the art

What did like the most about this exhibition/happening and why?
Art is all about expression and communication
This exhibition shows how different people communicate 6
It feels so peaceful, calm and relatable
It is great to see artists highlighted. You are changing the world in how you present art’s true meaning and purpose
autism and it’s effects 4
I like the perspective and awareness it brought.
Variety of topics and media 4
The din of excited visitors enjoying the artwork

How could ACW improve our next exhibition/happening?  Be specific
Nothing 3
I love the concept of continuing to employ Disabled and Impaired artists
Artists might be asked to make a 2 minute statement 2
More publicity – this would bring in even more people 5
Include more artists
Have a “theme” to bring viewers together.