Letter from Layl, ACW Board Chair

From the ACW Board Chair, Layl McDill

I often notice how functional the name of our organization is.  When I’m out and about and tell people I’m part of Art to Change the World they are instantly interested.  When we put out a call for interns we get a wide range of applications from many different fields and many different backgrounds.  Why is this?  Because it is such an innate feeling that we all believe- That art CAN change the world.  Is it that we can so easily recall the feeling of joy at drawing our first scribbles? Maybe we remember seeing art that personally changed us.  Maybe it is something primitive in us that knows that art is essential for human existence.

Many have come to ACW because of our name but they have stayed because of our community.  They have stayed because they have fed their own soul with what art brings to us as it brings us together.  At the recent event “Art of Drag”, intern Frances Bates’ project, it was obvious to see the strength of community and art permeating the room as powerful messages and extreme joy spread throughout the diverse audience.   This event was just one example we have seen this past year of the power of art. https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/events-b/

In the last two years, we paid artists over $107,000.00.  In the coming year we are looking at many more projects that WILL change the world of not only artists but the community as a whole.  We will be working with Emma Norton Services to bring art into the homes of the new residents Restoring Waters.  Artists will also create social justice sculptures for the Mills City Museum that will be experienced by the patrons of the Stone Arch Bridge Festival.  Musicians and Dancers will take us on a journey through history in the upcoming “Echos of Traditions” project.

See the ACW projects and events:

These major projects plus the projects of our cohort of interns will only be possible with the support of our champions that continue to support ACW and new supporters that believe what we all know has always been true-  that art has a magical power to change lives and build community.   I hope you will consider ACW in your end-of-year giving and join us at an upcoming event to see the power of this organization and its 400 plus members in action.


Thank you,

Layl McDill

Chair of the Board