Let it Burn Activity

Let It Burn
Artist Rajine Williams

Ever wondered about channeling negative thoughts into creative endeavors? Then this is the activity for you! This art activity [figuratively] called Let It Burn will challenge participants to artistically identify negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions into a positive work of art.

Part 1
Open discussion led by artist Rajine about negative emotions, thoughts, and words that have hurt them (baggage they carry)
Then discussing positive thoughts, emotions, and feelings
Creative time for the students to brainstorm their ideas
Participants make a collage (magazine clippings) of words, phrases, or pictures that they associate with negative energy
Part 2
Participants destroy collage by ripping, crumpling, or cutting it
Use the pieces from the collage into a new art piece from the destroyed pieces into a new beautiful piece
Incorporating the destroyed negativity in the artwork, or destroying the words altogether.  (Symbolic “letting go” and no longer allowing these words to hold power over oneself).
Students will then take the positive ideas they brainstormed previously and create a work utilizing the destroyed collage pieces into an art piece that represents healing in some way.