Know Your Rights

ACW leader, Natalie McGuire, submits her unique photography merging into her mosaic frame works to galleries all over the country. The work, Bridge to Wonder, was accepted into the exhibition at the Arcadia Art Show in Tyler, Texas. When Texas passed the law denying the marginalized their reproductive freedom (the wealthy can travel across state lines), Natalie felt compelled to take action.  She wrote to the curator of the exhibit that, respectfully, she could not send her art into a state which would support such a trampling of “the right to choose”.  Much to her amazement, the curator of Arcadia Art Show, Dace Kidd, responded that she understood and asked if she could install her statement on a black background, framed, in the place her work would have been hung. This was an encouraging outcome, but then so what?  Who is this punishing?  ACW is going two steps further to help those who need reproductive services NOW.

ACW will be staging a 4 day exhibition in the Fox Den at the Solar Arts Building Nov 4-7 called #FrameYourRights.  Details to follow.

ACW is also aware that a boycott of all things Texan punishes all Texans.  If you would like to help the women currently in crisis, please send a donation to: The Lilith Fund – supports the right of all Texans to make their own reproductive choices, regardless of income. https://www.lilithfund.org/donate