June 4 Survey Outcomes

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Today, I’m Alright I.C.O.N




  1. What did you like about this experience?


  • Very supportive environment
  • Everyone was thoughtful, good experience
  • Great
  • This was wonderful- all of it
  • getting to know more about people [unreadable]
  • it was moving
  • choosing the objects, simple explanations, and nervous supplement
  • [unreadable] options/exercise
  • the getting of the objects and making the bracelets
  • everything especially choosing an object from [unreadable]
  • instructional, diverse ages and experiences
  • open honest environment
  • I loved the way that Sandy very fluidly and calmly lead this content
  • allowed me to be vulnerable


  1. What will you take with you from this experiencee?


  • Heart holding, strategies for prayer and meditation
  • know more, speak less
  • deep breathing techniques
  • tangible steps to practice
  • the 54321 things
  • about the shell, reminds me of my dad
  • practical strategies
  • [unreadable] tools in my tool belt
  • that i am not alone when it comes to having hard times
  • caring, [unreadable] mantras and (54321 exercise)
  • new practical mantra and grounding
  • continued positive outlook on coping skills
  • This new idea of windows of tolerance
  • what my vulnerabilities are and how to hanndle it


  1. What would you have liked to see more of during this experience?


  • Everyone likes the same [unreadable]
  • Getting better with anxiety
  • more offerings like this- was really helpful and inspirational
  • nothing
  • it’s been good
  • offer more sessions
  • [Unanswered]
  • myself talking more, or being more talkative
  • it was great no critiques
  • it had a good balance of action and sharing and making
  • I think it was great. I wouldn’t change anything
  • focus on trauma and children
  • Maybe make it a little longer
  • unsure, i came in not knowing what to expect



  1. Is there anything you would have changed?


  • No
  • NA
  • Alot
  • no, it was great -more to love
  • No
  • No
  • add resources for people- practical guide
  • No
  • talking a bit more and feeling alot more comfortable here and talking
  • No
  • no, fit my needs and learned alot of useful [unreadable]
  • bigger space
  • No
  • N/A


Thank you for sharing part of yourself with the group.