June 4 Event Committee

June 4th, 2018 Minutes    Present: Barbara, Danielle, Jill, Craig, Candy, Barry, Ann, Maris,

Layl via phone

Review of PR, marketing, press  by Layl.

Layl’s daughter has begun working on videos for artists: Update with what she will need


Action needed: Each member is asked to send out asks to add their email link to grow our mailchimp list.  A monthly newsletter is in the works to send out.

Action needed: Barbara will put together a how-to email for adding people to the list.

Action needed: Need to employ/find?  A regular writer/editor for the newsletter. Pay TBT.

First newsletter will possible feature Laura   and Grace?


Action: Ann will resend reminder email to collect the names of local papers for press releases to be sent to.

Follow up with Daycia and Layl. (Layl is hiring Daisha to help update and research lists for press releases.


Action : All of us are to send ideas and information for local fairs/festivals


Action:   Give ideas to Layl and she will give to Daycia to organize

Project funding and sponsorship Update (Barbara)

Action: Barbara will re-send Application for Topic Expert/Authentic voice.

Ticket price and incentive levels were discussed and tabled for later due to disagreements.
Will revisit.

Ticketing Process

Various ticketing options were discussed.  Needs further discussion but came up with Brown Paper Tickets for performances and use of Square for swag, product and art.

Action: decide how to set these payment options up and who will be responsible for the accounts.

Ticket price discussion- proposed $10.00 tickets, how to make the performances accessible to ALL.

Action:   Danielle, Barbara, Craig, Jill and Laura Hill are going to set a meeting to discuss and propose options.



VIP night is Friday, opening on Saturday

Review of Budget (Craig)

Stressed importance of building membership and donor $

Lynn Olson named as important resource.

Barbara stated a possible goal of $8,000 new from donors to come in.

Currently there is $2800 allocated for the venue of SHA.  Barabar and Layl are currently spending their own money to keep things rolling and meet some expenses.  This needs to be remedied as soon as possible.  Stressful uneven load for ACW right now falling on Barbara.

Questions arose about charging for workshops.  Proposed that workshops be signed up for with a $5 holding fee so participant numbers can be tracked and monitored.

Discussion about what makes up a performance vs a workshop.

Travel expenses will now be noted on the budget as an in-kind donation/expense so the cost is still represented in the budget.

Event Schedule- Jill and Craig

VIP event will be Friday Oct 5,  from 5:30- 7:30

Craig’s event will follow at 8pm-10pm

This was agreed and confirmed by those present at this meeting.

Discussion ensued re scheduling for opening night, Saturday about timing of and performances for that evening.

Preliminary draft of schedule for performances and workshops was presented.

Confirmed that there are enough time slots available to shuffle and set up all workshops and performances.  Draft is in flux as more details are worked out.

Note:  The schedule will be in DRAFT form for quite a while as we move forward.

Action: Craig and Jill will continue to address and work on the next draft.

Action: Draft will be sent to committee members

Action: Next meeting for event scheduling tbt by Jill and Craig.

Organization update

Craig reported that he has asked Capeccio about how ACW can keep the momentum going to get the word and the work out there that we are doing individually and as a community of artists. .

Suggestions were: possible individual consulting with him- what would that cost each artist

Meet with the group again, what would that cost and what would we like to accomplish.

Barbara would like to be in on further communications about this topic.

Exhibit Design (Barry)

Changes have been made since last meeting, and current spaces are FLUID.  More changes may come as artists work becomes more clear.

Michael Meyer is getting more gallery lights installed in the kitchen area space.

Action:  Cost list needed for pipe and drape for room dividers in the back. Candy will look into this.

There continue to be questions about placement of and projections for Shira’s project.

Action: Barry will email Shira with questions about her project including whether or not her confessional is part of her performance.  This will determine placement of it in the show.

Action needed about Hospitality- Who is doing this?  Ideas for Opening Night?

Added by Barbara off-agenda at end of meeting: Ben Swenson-Katt MAY be chairing the  pop-up event and need a committee for this?

Next meeting tentatively set for Monday June 25th from 12-2 at SHA

Maris confirmed the calendar for SHA shows this time available. Maris available to open doors.

Action: Craig will confirm with Michael Meyer and schedule it.

Submitted by Maris Gilbert.