June 26, 2021

* Need Volunteers July 17 to help me cook and shuck seafood for July 18th Donor Party. Natalie, Linda, Lynnette
*See special dates
*  Yes to party at Huxley  Task Force and ALL ADP artists.
* Marion Angelica invitation to partner.
*Thanks to Layl and Corey who moved the Huxley show on Thursday.
* Thanks to Hannah, Barbara  and Layl for meeting with Huxley residents.  !2 came to meet us and choose their art.
*DRUMROLLLLLLL* Coaching Project Funded at $15,000.00 by MRAC  – Barbara and Abby
*Summer $200 Donor Party   32 confirmed.  Bring appropriate amounts.
*I.C.O.N/ TODAY Healing project – Barbara and Bianca
*MAB Grant submitted – Operational  $24,200.00 Barbara
*Invite Special groups to PUPP?  Elderly?  Deb Ripp  Thyme Market  Will send us spread sheet.
* Phipps- Who is on the list?  ACW Group Exhibition(s) Report  Lynnette On Track.
* Face Book Fundraiser operational. Birthdays? Post on Newsletter?   Article for July Newsletter BDay FB Fundraiser/
* Introduce 4 new Interns
*  Alex Narva’s Gallery – Alliance bank Center St Paul –  Katie
*On Location- Gather images…make a calendar for a fundraiser. Deb/ Candy
* Caponi Art Park – On Location?  Candy/Deb

* Next Task Force Meeting?  July 10   6 PM?
Summer Party June 27 4:00 at Layl’s  for $200 Donors and Plus One – All Task Force is invited.
Layl:  Caramelized Onions, Mushroom, Goat Cheese and Mozzarella

Prosciutto and Pepperoni/salami, Basil, chopped onions, roasted garlic-Barbara
Mango-Deb 1 CUP
Canned Artichokes, Red Sauce-Cory  I CUP and  4 cups
Sausage:    Lynnette  2 CUPS
Katie: Watermelon, Non-dairy cheese and GF dough       SOME
Salad :  Candy  BIG
Fruit Salad : Need someone for this  Big Bowl
Chocolate Cake    Susan
Anne K – Brie Cheese 1 CUP
ALL:  Bring folding chairs!!
Could Use another Salad or 2.

Need people to: Set Up, Serve, Run up and down stairs , Clean Up

Corey 3:00
Barbara 2:00
Deb 3:00
Linda 3:00
Lynnette 3:OO
Katie: 3:00