June 25, 2018 Director’s Report

                                                        Treasurer’s and  Director’s Report   June 25, 2018  Par

Good News First! 

We landed Anton Treuer and Dodging Bullets!  Thanks to Jill for finding the film and getting the directors on Board. We are seeking funding to support Wesley’s Identity workshop, the 5-7 timeslot and the 7 pm film.

Nonprofits emerging as fertile team support opportunities.  We have  nonprofits participating on different levels including ACW teaching workshops, their members creating art, performances, job opportunities, writing copy for our media blitz etc.  Thursday night will be meeting with MN360 for a training for their July event.
MNOHS    Online High School  Elissa Raffa
Mount Olivet  Nikki Storeboro Group Homes 612 718 0983
Language Central  Immigration Lynn Olson  812 315 2058
Posts for Peace  FE Love  818 793 8949
Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance
Cow TippingPress Nicolette Musachio 651 500 8911
Kaleo Center  Liz Loeb Art and Theology
MN360 Climate   Ulla Nilsen   612.787.7110
RecoveryHope  Molly Anderson
Access Press Tim Benjamin
Upstream Arts, VSA Arts, Avivo (mental health clubhouse) -in discussion phase

Please email me YOUR nonprofits.  I am seeking 15 for now.

Intern Daycia McDill  Creating Monthly Newsletter and Promotion Cards
Intern Ben Swenson-Klatt  Managing Pop-Up night, creating youth advisory board. Organizing Issue a Week on our FB and You Tube Channel., Getting  Teaser Quotes and Videos.

Pop-Up get -Margo-from the NorthEaster wants to do a Pop-Up and join us a  photographer.

Paradigm Shift  Reality

Event Grants
MRAC Management Consulting  = Barbara and Craig   Refused
MRAC  Event Support.  Review June 18. I am going to listen.  $10,000.00  Barbara and Craig  Refused
Humanities Grant= Should hear this week  $ 7,100.0  Laura.  WON
Bush Grant= Submitted May 31, $11,000  = Will know August 13 Hired Noah at Springboard to review the grant. Layl
UCare /Access Press = Submitted May 23 .  $9, 450.00    Pending  Barbara
First People’s Fund  July 1   $6,000.00  Dodging Bullets/Anton Treuer.   Barbara
Blandin Foundation  July 1   $6,000.00  Dodging Bullets/Anton Treuer.  Barbara
VSA Proposal to partner with Mt Olivet. Workshops delivered.
Several major donors being developed.  Barbara  Madelynne

Team Sponsorship  Six Artists are supported. See following:  Still waiting for data on a few
3 Topic Expert apps submitted.  Craig’s and mine.
Kristi, Maris and I will be meeting soon to discuss speaking to civic groups as soon as I have all the documents.
Would you be willing to try to find Team Support for one of our See. Say. Do members?

Ticketing and Funding model.  As voted on March 26, 2018 by this committee: Motion & Amendment – ALL AGREED on 6 budget priorities:

  • Pay Squirrel Haus Arts rent
  • Pay preparation of exhibition space: includes rentals, exhibition materials for building, equipment funds (pedestals, lighting, etc.)
  • Travel Funds (3 potential artist members)
  • Pay $250 Authentic Voices
  • Pay $250 Art Supplies
  • Pay $250 Artist Stipend


Discussion on possible plans.  Decision on selling art on the Friends ACW Fundraiser night. Artists get 70%?

Performances/ Workshop  Fees?  Donation Performance Box?

FE (grant supported)
Laura (grant supported)
Shira (grant supported)
Craig (grant Supported)
Grace (grant supported)
Danielle( possibly supported) $500 from ACW and  $2500  from supporter for 14 dancers. $200 per dancer.
Dodging Bullets
Pop-Up Night
The Real Deal
Workshops  $300 (no support yet)

PR Committee Re-orged the Sponsorship Levels on the website.

$10 Supporter Level  until October 2018.   Big PUSH Monthly Artist Email of news/networking/events, Art to Change the World Forum access, ACW Book Club Membership, Invitations to upcoming ACW celebrations and gatherings
$25 Friend Level – Monthly Artist Email of news/networking/events, Art to Change the World Forum access, ACW Book Club Membership, Invitations to upcoming ACW celebrations and gatherings . Website recognition on Official Supporters’ page
$50 Artist Level, All of the above, plus ACW Coaster Set
$100 Associate Level – All of the above, plus ACW Hot Beverage Mug, Listing on upcoming event programs
$500 Patron Level, All of the above, plus ACW Steel Water Bottle. Studio Visit with ACW Artist – TBD
$1,000 Team Support Level , All of the benefits above, plus Dialogue with an ACW Team – TBD , Two Tickets to a ACW VIP Event (another set of tickets will be donated in your name), Choose between an authentic, Maine Seafood Chowder Dinner hand-cooked by native Mainer (and ACW Founder) Barbara Bridges or choose a One-of-a-Kind, Small Artwork (5”x7”) created by a current ACW artist.

Create a remaining  treasure, time and talent list for a direct ask, done by our Board of Directors.  See current task list.
Recommend we consider paying Event Coordinator /PR Coordinator and Director $1,000 each IF we have over a $5,000 (?) surplus after bills are paid.  Donation back is an option but funders do not want to see all volunteer org. Not sustainable. __________________________________________________________________________________________

Current Topics   Yellow means still need data   Means we project is supported
Craig Human Senses-CTSD
Anne- Heart Listening
Rebecca -Labor/Unions
Candy-Dark Energy/Brain Neurology
Jill -Gender/Sexual Equality
Maris-Water Quality
Barb K – Emotional Nature – Embodied Knowing – Empathetic Connection
Kira  – Climate Change /Human Rights
Barry Environmental Corporate Abuse
Madelynne –  Truth and Resilience
Layl  – Persuasive Technologies
Danielle –   Ongoing Hmong Refuge Crisis
Shira –  Motherhood: Women, Men and Money
Grace  – Body Image
Kate  – Seven Deadly Sins- Glutthoney
FE Compassionate Arts in Action
Wesley  Identity
Laura- Reclaiming our Narratives: Exploring Race & Identity
Nikki McCoomb – Art is my Weapon