July 26 , 2022 Board Minutes and Directors Report

Art to Change the World, Board of Directors Meeting, July 26, 2022


Present: Barbara Bridges, Layl McDill, Nina Robinson, Sally Gibson, Liza Ferrari, Herman Milligan, David O’Fallon, Greg Volker, Laura Mann Hill, Kelly Frankenburg, Patricia Rogers.


  • Read mission statement
  • Intros of Kelly, she gave us a brief bio of herself!!
  • Layl made a motion to accept last BOD meetings minutes, Herman 2nd, motion passed unanimously.
  • Liza made treasurer report, utilizing Quick Books. Liza also suggested we revamp the categories for Artist Stipends and employees to get a more accurate sense of who is getting paid for what. Barbara, Liza an bookkeeper will finalize these changes.
  • Barbara, Directors report: went over financials, Herman asked that moving forward we get projected budget information before BOD meetings so we can read them ahead of time.
  • Current staffing compensation will stay the same for the next 6 months of the year, January-June 2023. David made a motion to accept the projected compensation budget for the Jan-June 2023 with the provision that ACW has the projected funding. Herman 2nd, motion passed unanimously.
  • Thanks to Greg’s encouragement ACW now has Board insurance!
  • Ideas for engaging with NE Chamber of Commerce.
  • Discussed status of various projects, including Mississippi Watershed, new interns projects and Sensory Room projects.
  • October 29-30 BOD and task force retreat. Mount Olivet
  • Next Meeting: December 16th, 6 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Nina Robinson


ACW Director’s Report –July 26, 2022


Passcode: &n6.rF=X

Oct 29  Retreat for BOD, Advisors, Interns Oct 29 1:00 PM- Oct 30 3:00 PM

*Projected Budget
*Starting Quick Books third quarter
MAB grant request for $27,000.00 pending. Will know November 2022.  YMCA funding Pending.
MRAC, MidWest Arts and Minneapolis Foundation grants going in during the next 2 months.  Please send me any possible grant opportunities you see.

Current Staffing Structure
Community Development Coordinator -Frankenberg
Licenses/Contracts McDill
Bookkeeper Novak
Staff -12 people.

Approve 6 month stipends for January 2023- June 2023. Vote
$6,000  Director
$4,800  Development Coordinator/Assistant/Administrative Director
$ 1,000  Bookkeeper
$1,000 Treasurer
$ 6,000  Staff / Interns

BOD Insurance purchased.  $632.00 a year.

I joined the NE Chamber of Commerce. $500.  Went on River Boat Event. Suggestions on how to get maximum impact? Interested in attending Chamber events for ACW?

Recently Completed:
*Emma Norton Sensory Room Dedication
Mojo Fundraiser   June 25   Made about $1,000
Noble Truths Studio Visits- June 23 Greg Volker
Critique Club May 4 – Barbara Bridges – 12 Members
ICON/Today  MAB Funded Trauma Workshop
Fox Den Art A Whirl 5700 attended at Solar and Northrup. We counted with clickers.
*Summer Party – Longevity of Influence Award- George Roberts
*Large Donor Chowdah Feed  –  23 attended.

Current and Upcoming Events and Projects.

*Age of Age – Opening drew 75 people. Homewood Studios  Closing July 30  2:30-4:00.  $6,000 project – $2,000 short
*Maker’s Space YMCW (they paid all fees-$4900) and Haven Housing (Transformational Housing in North Minneapolis – Private donor sponsoring all -$5,000).
* MWMO Mississippi Water and Management Organization . Water Quality and Art Project. $5,000 grant from MWMO.
* Emma Norton restoring Waters. $37,000 project.  We need $15,000.00 Grants Pending.

ACW Board Member, Herman Milligan’s, Call for Art4Good Donations

Intern Projects.  They will be assigned a coach.
Sensory Room
Healing Expo
Social Justice Drag Show
Disability Expo
Edible Found Food Seed Packet design
24 Hour write, practice, present play challenge
Short Works Festival
Parks and Rec Art Lessons
Online Art as Process Project

Actionable Outcomes from Development Meeting