July 19 , 2023

Meeting notes: 7/19
Margo Ashmore
Brooke Bartholomew
Katherine Boyce
Barbara Bridges
Neil Granlund
Sadie Ward
Julie Kearns
Phoebe Eisenbeis
Junket – Julie Kearns – julie@shopjunket.com

Sift and Sorting event is Wednesday August 16th or 23rd TBD at 5-8pm, 2.5 – 3 hours
Location: Southside Commons 3751 17th ave s

What we will be doing:
sorting through 50 lbs of accumulated writing utensils
some are dry, some need water added, sharpening pencils
sort it into useful and not useful product
categorizing where we can sell them, organize so it can go where it needs to go
develop some supply chain for reuse

how do we create demand? ready to be enjoyed and used

Agreed upon the meeting time: 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5pm

ReUse Minnesota conference October 3rd and 4th North Hennepin Technical college
need to talk to coordinator to see what they want from us in terms of an activity for the conference

Come to the conference! $120 to attend
Discussed if we should join as an organization?
Decided we would go to it this year and decide if we want to put our money there
Neil discussed sustainable board game: Daybreak, not out yet

Board game night TBD in the future

Sadie shared about the Sustainable Art Kiosk which aims to put sustainable art at the forefront via a
portable kiosk to take to local retailers, attend festivals etc.

-kiosk would be small art – 10 inches in diameter or so
-a range of price-points $20-150
-working on application for artists to apply to, web content for the web page, review panel of 3 people
-curating a group of artists focused in producing sustainable art, start with 6 artists
-who are the local sustainable artists? Put together a collection of people

ASK: come up with name for the group

Sadie will send email and anyone can come to meeting who is interested in the future to talk through this

Margo discussed Project Drawdown – storytelling in context of POC and working class folks
The best thing we can do is tell stories to our friends and to our communities