July 17 , 2023 Task Force Minutes

  • Barbara
  • Rose
  • Katie
  • Lin
  • Natalie
  • Frances
  • Sadie
  • Anna
  • Becca
  • Phoebe
  • Kaolee
  • Emily
  • Margo
  • Kelly
  • Deb
  • Walter
  • Sarah
  • Lucy






Look for grants/funding, maybe in other areas than the arts like science or social justice


Upcoming Events

  • Summer Pizza Party at Layls on July 25th
  • Mojo’s Coffee event on September 9th
  • Phakamani on September 10th


Frances will reach out to Greg about his show at Solar Arts in August to do social media and PR for it


Approved drag workshop at Solar Arts in September to go along with Frances’ intern project The Art of Drag on September 21st


Echoes of Tradition (Walter and Sarah)

  • Project has been approved  with a vote
  • Sarah already has some great contacts like Maia Maiden
  • Looking for a venue
  • Sadie wants to help with this project


On-Location (Deb and Becca)

  • Add a link to their Facebook page in the newsletter
  • Make sure to have ACW as a collaborator on all Facebook events


Let’s do a social media committee meeting sometime – Frances, Rose, Candy, and Apollo. Add Becca and Anna


Re-Cycled Art Kiosks (Sadie)

  • Working on an application
  • Come up with a name
    Project has been approved with a vote


Call for small artworks to put on thankyou cards. Let’s try to have a sustainability theme, so maybe it’s scraps or recycled work.


Next meeting on September 11th