July 14 5 Year Plan Committee

Art to Change the World

One-Time Development Committee Meeting Notes

July 14, 2022


Attending: Barbara Bridges, Kelly Frenkenberg, Lucienne Schroepfer, Herman Milligan, Craig Harris, Iris, Layl McDill, Margo Ashmore, Liza Ferrari, Tom Fulton, Greg Volker


Status report – Barbara

  • Financials – projected through Jan. 2023 – refer to documents shared in meeting
    • Projecting $38,000 additional revenue – even if don’t receive any additional, have surplus of about $10,000
  • Maker Space Project
    • with Emma Norton Service, St. Paul
      • Buying 300 works of art at $300 each
      • Creating maker space in new building
      • ACW committed to applying for grant to participate
      • Have a year to get money
    • Haven Housing
      • Creating maker room, supplies, training 10, developing curriculum trauma informed, manage project – $5,000
      • Private donation paid for whole thing
    • Model strong – doable amount of money, people can take ownership of project
    • Emma B. Howe YMCA
      • Maker space, teachers
      • Paid for by YMCA
  • Mississippi Water Shed Management – trash pick-up, MOMO, study chemistry, use objects to create art in Barbara’s studio, 10 people; then 10 people create own project. $200 paid to each participant. Meet 5 times. All paid for.
    • Needs scientists – Margo has a lead. Will send to Barbara.
  • New group of 5 interns
    • one applicant in a foster home, extremely compromised, can’t leave house and wants to be part of it – making a place for them, doing online work; transformation; creating online workshop for people who are homebound, addressing trauma
    • Reviewed other intern projects – see document shared
    • Interns want collegiality, to build community
    • Interns in charge of project, including securing funding, getting coaching
      • Film North – Herman on board
    • ACW – providing each intern, after proposal is done, a mentor from membership to work with
      • what makes ACW members good coaches? screening, known people, involved, bought into organization, understands culture

Where do we want to go – brainstorm (refer to notes Barbara took on screen – ideas and next steps)


What should we be doing next? What should we be mindful of or worried about?

  • Not taking on more than you can handle – what is process for choosing projects?
    • Now people pitch to taskforce
    • Need to be mindful of human and financial resources – what will be criteria for saying yes or no?
    • Structure for estimating time requirements for oversight, PR, etc.
  • What will projects be? What should we be doing?
  • Should conversation be an umbrella view rather than what projects be?
  • Not projects – topics?
  • Get structure of organization solid and firing on all cylinders
  • Organization should do analysis of what’s worked, hasn’t worked – make decisions, cost-benefit, would it be advantageous to fix what’s not working
    • Organizational analysis
    • Build on what’s worked
    • What does organization need to avoid what hasn’t worked?
  • Take on new projects – get caught up in direct costs – don’t often think about time and value of the time – supervision
  • As we take on projects knowing have to fund them and fund ACW – mindful of how it ties to mission and be specific about how it does. Have ongoing projects, haven’t openly, verbally tied to mission.
    • If it doesn’t meet mission statement – shouldn’t do. Explain on website why it meets mission.  Always be driving force.
    • Direction for how to analyze each project
    • Documentation for each project – simple contract, who is doing what, timeline
    • Counting people impacted – could be criteria. number affected indirectly and indirectly. Include connection to mission in initial contract. Have applicant articulate.
  • Formalize process of presenting an idea to task force. Be clear about what is expected.
  • Vision and sustainability – vision goes with mission – defining next 5 years – helpful to have vision for organization, are these the right people – right level of growth – concerns about institutionalization as grow, will lose heart – right size organization – what is right size for org based on what it says it wants to be; won’t be sustainable if Barbara putting in hundreds of unpaid hours; how much structure, org development in order to fulfill mission and vision
  • Projects driven by opportunities.
  • Local, regional, national, global – alliances – revisit question as visioning years out; many alliances don’t need money, need people support, developing relationships
  • Inching up director salary – avoid having ACW reach point of hiring traditional ED, all energy then goes into paying ED, will suck soul out of it
  • Building step by step, giving people little more of the responsibilities
  • Barbara to look at all jobs she does and hand off to other people; Kelly coming on and taking on some; still busy work; more people involved, more sustainable we are
  • People love ACW because feel part of creation of organization, key to sustain that culture, keep people as active members, someone inviting people into roles; building a new culture – really hard; keep collective mindset; structure that supports; accounting for non-money items before start a project; lay out who is going to do what
  • Kelly = community development coordinator
  • Organization needs assistant director – someone needs to manage people
  • Partnership person – going beyond local – make more connections locally, more learning
  • Project budgets reflect all time
  • Conversation about roles, responsibilities; ED makes sure org is running efficiently
  • Organizational plan board is working on for succession
  • Where is organization heading in short-term and long-term? Strategic planning
  • Make sure people asking for money, representing ACW to community are on the same page; know why give to ACW? why give this year? why now?
  • Corporations for support
  • Messaging strategy
  • Earned income
    • has been culture – don’t charge admission
    • tried pay what you can
    • merchandise, exhibit space for businesses,
  • Encourage more projects by professionals who are members of ACW


August time-off, time to re-charge

October 28-29 – retreat – looking for location within 1 hour of TC

Discussing all this stuff – who, how


Are an arts services organization, helping members do what they want to do, within our guidelines; hard for people accustomed to old model, more transactional

Maintain balance – artists paid for art, social justice mission

Doing groundbreaking work, transforming

Be prepared for growth, take advantage of opportunities for growth

Lot of people doing a little – need someone to manage all of those folks – stay on top of to maintain culture and mission

“Smart with heart”