July 10, 2021

* Introduce  new Interns
*PUPP Report: Catherine/Susan/Natalie  All on track.  Need Set Up and Break down people on August 8- especially at 8:30.
* Show Financials  Barbara  Approved
* Join Clif at Climate Sustainability Table? Margo
* Fox Den sign proposals.  Look at them and send Barbara your vote. Attached  Please reply to Barbara only with vote.
* Need Volunteers on July 16 at 4:00 at 2323 Monroe St. NE to help me cook and shuck seafood for July 18th Donor Party.  Deb and Natalie 4:00   Need 2 burner hotplate.  Candy   Need Volunteers to help me July 18 anytime between 2:00 and 7:00 – Especially from 4-6.  Lucy, Candy Anne  Need someone to run the firepit for the Elote Corn.

Stump Speech How to talk about ACW.

All Decisions made in the task force
Cross cultural, racial, generational, artists, scientists, teachers etc

Coaching Project.  Apps open July 15.   Go to Events on the website. Send Candidates!!!

*Invite Special groups to PUPP?  Elderly?  Deb Ripp  Thyme Market  Will send us spread sheet. Will do.

* July 14 with Jodi Reeb.  Sign up!  Marketing and Promotion. https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/extensions/

* Next Task Force Meeting?  July 25 at   4 PM