Jan 5, 2019 Board Visioning Session

Outcomes for the January 5, 2019 ACW Board Visioning Meeting

The Board agreed that ACW is in Start-Up and ready to plunge into Growth.  The Board agreed to draft an organizational  work plan.

Several short term work groups were formed with a Lead person serving as a facilitator.  The work groups will draft a plan, the Lead will send it to the full board for review and edit and then send the final version to Layl to create a master document. Should we post the Leads if we have any strong ideas for consideration before they start?  For example: I would really like to see “international” added to our mission.

Next meeting is April 26, 2018.  Venue to be announced.


BY February 1   Small groups have “met”, perhaps digitally phone or zoom and talked about the key components of their task.  You may send your draft out preceding Feb 1 if completed.

February 15 Drafts sent to the full board for review and edit.  One week to respond?

March 1  Final Draft sent to Layl to create the master Work Plan document.  May be in google docs.

Work Groups
1. Re-visit Mission, Values, Vison statement. Lead: Leeza with Layl (add international?)
2. Program Development. Lead: Craig with Sally, Pat, Kristi and Barbara
3. Membership Development. Lead: Kristi with Pat
4. Inquiry Services Form and Project information, Invitation copy and mentoring program name and service document. Lead: Margo  with Barbara
5. Finance. Lead: Leeza
6. Database Demographics Draft. Lead: Sally (no $$ for wild apricot) may come later.
7. HR Who should be priority hires.  Lead:  Sally with Barbara
8. Advisory Board. Lead: Herman will write an Advisory Board Member Job Description and Application
9. Development and Funding Lynn Olson with Sally and Danielle

1. Barbara has been authorized to Change “Artists”  topic link to “Founding Members”.   We will start a new “Artists” listing for those who may pay more for memberships. To be decided.

2. New Members need to sign document attached. Please scan. It was not supposed to be a business meeting yesterday so I did not have that task on my radar.  Apologies.

3. 2018 P and L statement attached.  Please print and put in your books.

  1. Barbara will create a Linked In account for ACW. I was also thinking about trying to get us on Wikipedia this winter.
  2. Barbara will work on getting our Twitter feed active.
  3. Barbara will reach out to Carlson School of Management and Optimum looking for interns
  4. We can ask people from outside the board to serve on these committees.

    Add Common Roots to our meeting list