How to sign up for LyFT


  1. Accept Invitation to Lyft Business in your email


  1. Create a Lyft account
    1. Enter phone number
    2. Type in verification code you received by text
    3. Fill in your first and last name
    4. Enter your email
    5. Agree to Terms and Services


  1. Add personal information to your profile
    1. Photo of yourself
    2. Info you think a driver should know about you
    3. Set your home and a work address for easy selection


  1. You now have a Lyft account that can bill ACW for up to $200 per year


  1. Rides can be ordered through or on the Lyft App
    1. Put in address of destination
    2. Select the type of ride you want


  1. Lyft will inform you of a couple important details
    1. When your ride will show up
    2. License plate number of the car
    3. Name of driver
    4. Color and type of vehicle


  1. Before entering the car confirm it is your Lyft
    1. Check the license plate
    2. Ask their name


  1. After your ride is complete
    1. Rate the experience and write a comment if you want
    2. Confirm payment


  1. Rider safety tips
    1. Keep someone you trust informed about how your ride is going
    2. Pay attention to your surroundings
    3. Try not to be on your phone the whole time
    4. DON’T wear headphones
    5. Only communicate with the driver through Lyft


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