How to Make A Press Release

Step 1- Gather all the info needed: Who What Where, How, Why.  Most of the time this will all be on the ACW website.


Step 2- Write a catchy press release.  See several attached here.  Add the ACW Logo if there is room.   I try to keep it to one page. Here is a link to the Noble Truths folder where you can use the Google Doc from the last Noble Truths to make the new one:


Step 3- Have it proof read by someone – make sure all the info is there- website, email, time date etc.


Step 4- Save as a Word Doc and a PDF.


Step 5- Find a good photo to go with it and have it ready to add to the email- make sure it is at least 1.5 MB so they can use it for print if needed.


Step 6- Create the email- Attach the word doc and pdf of the press release.  Also copy and paste the press release into the body of the email.  Attach the image and give image credit in the body of the email.


Step 7- Send to the main list of press which you will find here:

Media Spreadsheet:


If you scroll down you will see where it says “Emails Last Sent” – You can easily grab those emails.  And put them into the BCC line (VERY IMPORTANT to BCC!). I also put myself as the receiver of the email.


Step 8- See what bounces.  There are ALWAYS bounces.  It’s important to keep the list up to date so you will need to fix the email in two places on the Media spreadsheet- Under the media listing and under the “Email Last Sent list”. If you can google and find the correct email or if they send you the right email it’s easy.  If not you can just fill in bounced and we can hopefully find an intern someday that can scour the web to find the correct emai.


Step 9- Go above and beyond and send a follow up email.


Step 10 – Even better: find out the local paper of the participants in the show and send a press release specifically focused on that person.  This really is the way to get press.  You will see a column on the media sheet with the names of ACW members- as you find out more you can fill these in.


It seems like a lot of work but it goes fast after you get the hang of it.  I always figure that even if we don’t get press we are landing in inboxes and eventually the media will notice us.


Let me know if you have questions and if you want to follow up with a Zoom meeting where I walk you through it all.


If you have time to make the press release for the next Noble Truths that would be a great one to get your feet wet with!


Safe travels and take care!


p.s. I’m going to copy this all and put it as a document in the Google drive: