How Does Art Change YOUR World.

We ask people this question at our public gatherings. 

  1. It’s giving me a new purpose in life!
  2. Visual through promoting language when words don’t convey feelings/experiences
  3. We can learn visually and find more meanings
  4. Healing (physical and spiritual)
  5. Make me think different about life…
  6. Art can help people learn + express themselves through a way that is more creative <3 fun.
  7. Heal thru connection
  8. Think more about history
  9. Bridging the gaps
  10. It allows me to experience a whole [unknown] of emotions. It makes me think of the world in new peerspectives. It inspires me to make a difference. It allows me to grow, flourish, in myself and come out a better person
  11. Art- it brings me beauty, awe, and appreciation.
  12. By providing voice to many- different voices- to express oneself and hear from others their experience.
  13. heal, soothe, provoke thinking
  14. Makes the world a weird and wonderful place to live
  15. How doesn’t it change my world?
  16. It helps me love my sister more.
  17. Art opens the mind, expands the heart, and tells the stories. Now + forever.
  18. It helps me let out my creativity and ideas.
  19. I am a musician & ex-DJ
  20. It helps me focus
  21. Makes the world unique
  22. It makes my world brighter
  23. I like the colors because they make me feel good
  24. By expressing myself 🙂
  25. ‘Cause it’s fun
  26. the coires
  27. for the better
  28. Opens up my eyes to new ways to see the world
  29. Will to keep living.
  30. helps me express myself + cope with my past
  31. ‘cause it helps me
  32. It makes me grow… always
  33. more human connection, opens my mind
  34. It brings out my shortcomings
  35. Art adds color + meaning to my world + it makes me happy
  37. Makes the world more beautiful
  38. Allows people to express themselves from a variety of perspectives