HashTags we should use

HashTags we should use

Instagram Hashtags: Best Practices

Effectively using Instagram hashtags is more nuanced than just copy-pasting a list of hashtags for every single one of your posts – but if you take some time to read through this and start mindfully applying best practices for hashtags, then it’ll become second nature. If executed correctly and consistently, you’ll be able to capture more non-follower reach (and potentially more followers) with marginally more effort.


  • Use 3-5 hashtags per post.
  • Stick to relevant hashtags. The more relevant a hashtag is, the better.
  • Target hashtags that vary in post volume.
    • High-volume hashtags are commonly searched by users, but they’re also more competitive; you’re competing with, say, a million other recent posts for the same high-volume hashtag.
    • The idea is to target large, medium, and niche hashtags altogether. So, if you’re posting pictures for/from an Americana rock music show at the Underground Music Cafe in North Loop, Minneapolis, you might opt to use the five following hashtags:
      • #undergroundmusiccafe (360 posts)
      • #americanarock (4.7k posts)
      • #northloopmpls (42k posts)
      • #minneapolismusic (55k posts)
      • #americanamusic (258k posts)
  • Below is a link to best practices on hashtags, posted by Instagram itself:

Do Not:

  • Do not: Simply copy-paste a list of hashtags and attach them to every post that you make
    • Instagram may flag your account as hosting duplicate content and subsequently penalize you in its algorithms (Instagram Feed, Explore, Reels). As such, it is best to stick with hashtags that are most relevant to your post.
  • Caveat to the last point: If you post two consecutive pieces of content that are similar to each other, you won’t be penalized if you use slight variations on hashtags – so you can rotate through various permutations of a given hashtag. For instance:
    • Post 1: #minneapolismusic #livemusic #brewerymusic
    • Post 2: #mplsmusic #livemusicperformances #musicandbeer
    • Post 3: #minneapolismusicscene #livemusicshows #beerandmusic
  • Do not: Use hashtags that will get your account “shadowbanned” (i.e. severely penalize your account’s reach) if you use them.
    • I doubt anyone is using such hashtags on ACW’s posts, but below is a link just in case:
      • https://blog.kicksta.co/a-complete-list-of-banned-hashtags-you-should-avoid/
      • I doubt the list is comprehensive, but if we think about Meta’s bottom line ($$$, shareholder value), a rule of thumb is to stay relevant to the piece of content that you’re posting and avoid hashtags that may be related to inappropriate topics, other social media platforms, or hashtags like #followforfollow, #likeforlike, that kind of thing.
    • If you usually stick to a certain group of hashtags that you rotate through in your posts, it doesn’t hurt to search them up every few months – if a hashtag is banned, then on the mobile Instagram app (not the desktop site), if you tap on the hashtag after searching it up, it will display something like “Recent posts for #pushups are hidden because some posts may not follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines.”
      • By the way, try it out with #pushups, for reference.