Frances Bates Testimony

My dream growing up was to be an inventor who made the world a better place. Art to Change the World (ACW) has been a big part of making that dream a reality. When I joined as an intern in July 2022, I quickly realized I’d found a space I could belong to. I’ve made many wonderful friends and expanded my knowledge of the arts, social justice projects, and working in leadership. People appreciate my hard work and I’m actually making a difference.


The best part is there is something for everyone and no matter what the activity is it’s always welcoming, fun, and educational. As someone who has a unique story, I’ve never felt more at home in a creative space than with ACW. Barbara’s original concept in 2017 of a supportive organization definitely continues to this day.


There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to putting on all the amazing events. Funding is a big part of that and if you want to be part of our “world-changing” story please donate to Art to Change the World.