Finding Purpose in the time of Covid

I am beginning to realize that we will not be returning to what we knew before. Even when we see the end of Covid 19- there may be something else coming behind it. The world will belong to those who have the creativity and courage to look at the new menu and make ourselves new and better meals.

Here is one idea. Re-think how you do  giving. Holiday, birthday and bridal!  Jeff Bezos (Amazon) does not need our money. Honor a local artist and give something with soul and meaning. When you buy original art- you bring the spirit of the artist into your space.

Tap into the amazing programming available on Amazon Prime Netflix.  There are others but these are the biggest bang for the buck.  Grey’s anatomy has 17 seasons!  That’s a LOT of watching. Documentaries, Movies!

Post cards for Dems
Post the people from your previous groups and ask them if  they would like to join you in this project.

Be creative with your cooking. Need to see this as one area to bring joy to your life.  We all eat.  Share recipes.

Be active on all our Facebooks, Twitter and Instagram.   Recipes, gardening tips, what you read and watch.  Share what you think.  It makes you feel like you are interacting with other humans. You ARE!

Read books. Read magazines. Read Newspapers. You can access these all digitally. Talk about what you learn on our Facebook pages.

Email resources to friends…. Encourage them to email you.

Start a “Share the Day” Phone circle.  Live alone?  Find people you can call at 7:00 when you are feeling lonely!

Make covid masks.  Give them away to essential workers. All the people in your life where you go and buy things. Buy beads and charms on Amazon.

Are you over 60?  Most Universities let you take courses for $10 a credit.

Join a non-profit trying to do good.  I know one  ; / 0!!