Feb 1 Task Force Meeting


ACW Task Force meeting




  • Barbara
  • Frances
  • Natalie
  • Rose
  • Amáda
  • Annie
  • Vicki
  • Becca
  • Deb
  • Katie
  • Kelly
  • Susan
  • Alkemy
  • Lucy
  • Candy




On Location

  • February 11th at the Excel Center
  • No longer going to be every 3rd Saturday


Rose’s Project

  • Call for art is out
  • Applications due February 15th
  • Looking into community nights during the exhibition
  • Trying to find a speaker


Briauna’s Project

  • Call for art is out
  • Lucy is the contact person for Global Market stuff
  • Most of the vendors are gathered


Fox Den

  • Contact Frances to show your art
  • Schedule was put in the newsletter
  • Use the paw print idea for a way to get people to find it at Solar Arts
  • Becca will be sending a proposal


Alkemy’s Project

  • Call for art is out
  • ACW has the money to have someone teach people about Discord


MWMO project expansion is coming along

  • Bringing it on February 6th
  • Guthrie Theater has agreed to hosting it
  • Margo is now doing a Climate Change Affinity Group


We Re-Org, the website revamp committee, has a good plan and will be continuing to work on it for a few months


Project Manager Program

  • Add something about a W9 form to checklist
  • Checklist is being tested by the interns
  • Figuring out the criteria, we have a good outline started

February Watch Party

  • Movie: Paris is Burning
  • Zoom happening on the 18th
  • Email Katie for the link cath.a.palmer@gmail.com
  • In connection with Frances’ intern project, The Art of Drag


Values and Visions Update


Current draft:

Our Values: Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Creativity, Effectiveness.

  • Equity practices across disciplines, cultures, age, race, economics and abilities.
  • Opportunities for art and science to intersect.
  • Break down historical barriers to creativity.
  • Shared decision making and leadership.


Our Vision- Inspirational and Aspirational

  • To become a quilt of identities and disciplines
  • To train creative leaders for the future
  • To effect change through social justice projects.
  • To pay artists.
  • If you can dream it you can do it.



Make sure you can tell it’s about an art organization, right now it could be seen as some sort of political group


Important Dates

  • February 22nd is Layl’s Crit
  • February 23rd is Susan Wagner’s studio tour


Becca’s project needs a proposal to finalize some of the details. We have to be careful between asking for volunteers and something being ACW supported


Looking for someone to run the ACW calendar


Lucy has a program that can make crossword puzzles


Frances is working on a plan for ACW social media


Check out Fresh Eye Gallery Revolutionary Exhibition starting February 15th


Watch Kelly’s live painting, link in newsletter


Got to Deb’s show tomorrow February 2nd at 5pm


Next meeting on March 7th