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Minutes: Art to Change the World Task Force Meeting

March 26, 2018


Craig Harris and Candy Kuehn Home

718 6th Street SE

Minneapolis, MN 55414


Members Present:

Barbara Bridges

Craig Harris

Jill Waterhouse

Candy Kuehn

Danielle Ricci

Rebecca Ratzlaff

Barry Scanlan

Anne Kleinhenz

Layl McDill

Maris Gilbert

Kira Corser (remote)

Felecia Lenee (remote)


Barbara – prefaced meeting start to mention Kira Corser and protégée Felecia Lenee (Compassionate Conversations) joining in by Zoom


1- Introductions and Review of Event Topics

All in attendance participated with brief description of topic intentions


2 – Director Update

Barbara shared a current Status Report document with the committee in attendance in person; see final Status Report posted on website

  1. Updated “Artist Application” (separate from previous Artist Survey) due to Barbara by 4/1/18; include paragraph supporting your particular project
  2. “Expert Voice Application” due to Barbara by 6/1/18
  3. Barbara keeping “Task List” with all updated action plans


3 – Event Topics

Discussion led by Craig in effort to condense top-level themes into categories and discuss how various topics may impact exhibit design

Barbara – mentioned many submissions for grants underway


Core Team voted to select categories as broad main themes:

(core category options listed and assigned; please share your category choice with Barbara when it is confirmed)


  1. Human Rights

(includes Social & Racial Justice themes)

Craig (keep in mind impact on audience understanding related to exhibit design & workshops)




Kira tbd

Shira tbd

Felecia tbd (keep in mind main theme language for grant applications)

Kate tbd


  1. Environmental Awareness



Margie tbd


  1. Mind, Body, Wellness

Shira tbd


Grace tbd


  1. Healing Awareness

(connections to all themes)


Barb K. tbd

Madylene tbd

Candy tbd

Kira tbd

Felecia tbd


Barbara – reminded us to please send in documents in timely manner


4 – Budget

Craig – shared baseline budget document with team in attendance

Budget will be posted on website for team review on all categories noted in budget; please contact Craig or Barbara with feedback


Craig & Jill – think about fees at event; VIP event on the table as option (for art gallery sales, community building, etc.); reminder to consider “Contributed Income, Earned Income, Expenses” etc.


Barbara – thank you to Craig for his budget effort planning! Reminder to all to be realistic regarding funds; some budget parameters funds priorities also noted on her Status Report as important fund goals


Motion & Amendment – ALL AGREED on 6 budget priorities:

  1. Pay Squirrel Haus Arts rent
  2. Pay preparation of exhibition space: includes rentals, exhibition materials for building, equipment funds (pedestals, lighting, etc.)
  3. Travel Funds (3 potential artist members)
  4. Pay $250 Authentic Voices
  5. Pay $250 Art Supplies
  6. Pay $250 Artist Stipend


Craig – reminder about “travel funds” for potential artists


Danielle – Idea: donors requests to donate frequent flyer airline miles


Jill – “in kind contributions” key reminder on grant applications


Craig & Danielle – regarding “equipment funds”, they both have some of their own equipment or have contacts that may be able to contribute potential options for donations or minimum charges to help bring down dollar costs (lighting, hanging walls to divide spaces, etc.)


Kira & Felecia – will contribute research regarding airline donations


Layl – can potentially contribute track lighting options

5 – Promotion Plans

See website for planning document as it stands now for reference; review and share comments with Layl or Barbara


Layl – see Art to Change the World website and Facebook page (ACW logo shown on correct Facebook page)


Important: Friend, Follow, Like, Invite, Share, Post! See 1st drop down to see all posts & respond to help spread ACW mission!


Kira – will connect with Layl on Social Media efforts, etc. and support Facebook efforts as needed


Barbara – Facebook post sent out to 28 ACW members


Jill – mention of Art to Change the World garners lots of attention when brought up in conversation in MN and AZ, so spread the word!

(Example: Artist Lily Yeh made positive comments, see her website for inspiration)


Layl, Barbara, Jill – TALK to everyone you know & meet about ACW!


6 – Logo Layout 

Barbara – presented various options for event logo design

Core Team – voted on choices presented


APPROVED: “See. Say. DO” (with line visuals as visual effect surrounding word DO) plus ACW logo to right of this basic design (without any line art icons needed at this time; shown as color on white background) was #1 choice; this choice allows for reverse and black and white versions for promotional purposes


7 – Exhibit Design

Maris – requested clarification of goals for next April meeting at Squirrel Haus Arts, especially regarding any needs for exhibit design


Anne – suggested an 11×17 print out of SHA space schematic in order to make notes for artist members placement and dimensions; Maris – will make print out and have available at next meeting at SHA


Please NOTE:

Barbara – to take minutes at next core team meeting in April


Barbara – proposed preparing “Weekly Updates” emails to members


Maris – please prepare for any questions for Michael at SHA regarding fire code, “wall” separations to help hide workshop and “George” the truck in residence at SHA; think about ceiling hangings, curtain style hangings, versus building separations etc.


Craig – reminder about Kira’s installation style art and Craig & Danielle’s performance art needs within overall space design


Barry – John Capecci, “Living Proof” book author is long time friend and may be option to present a member workshop; Barry to meet with John on Thursday to discuss possibilities for ACW presentation and becoming an ACW artist member


Craig & Candy – unavailable 5/1 thru 5/10 due to prior commitment


Anne – out of town 4/23 through 4/29




12:30 – 2:00 Main Agenda

2:00 – 3:30 Exhibit Design Task Force Onsite Planning Review


April 2018 Meeting at Squirrel Haus Arts

3450 Snelling Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55406


Maris will be there to open door to let us in to gather


Respectfully submitted 3/28/18 by Anne Kleinhenz