FaceBook Connecting Us

Here are the steps everyone needs to take to make the ACW FB page WORK:

Like, Follow and “See First” the page:

A:Go to:  https://www.facebook.com/ArtToChangeTheWorld/

Under the banner image you will see the buttons:

See attached image.

B: Click on “Like”

C: Click on “Follow”

D: Then click the Arrow next to the Follow (See image – the arrow is pointing right at it)

A drop down will appear and you will click “See First”

Yeah!!  Now any post that are put on ACW will appear at the top of your news feed when you check your Facebook.

  1. When you see these posts-

A: Like them!!

B: Comment- say anything!  It makes a big difference how far the reach of the post goes if there are comments.

C: Share the posts.  Especially if you think it is very interesting or if it has anything to do with our event.

If you are new to Facebook here is a link that lays out how to do all these things: https://www.facebook.com/help/452446998120360/

  1. Invite your friends to like the page:

A: scroll down a little then click on “Invite Your friends to this page” in the middle of the screen. See image.

  1. Invite the friends that you think would like the page.  This is time consuming because you can’t “select all” so feel free to invite a few at a time.

Here is a great link that talks more in detail about how to get friends to like a page:


  1. Share the page in a post.

A: Click the three dots under the banner and next to “Create a Fundraiser” see image.

B: Click on “Share” You can write something about how great this group is or what your project will be…

That should do it for the basics of Facebook Page liking.  It’s tricky to get “organic” or unpaid views and likes but if we all work together we can get the ACW page to show up and get in front of more people with out paying anything.