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Organization:  Art to Change the World (ACW)



In consideration of their mutual promises, the Lender and Gallery agree as follows:


1) Exhibition:  The gallery agrees to present the Exhibition coordinated and lent by the Lender, for the Exhibition Period stated above, in accordance with its curatorial and exhibition standards and the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


2) Insurance:  The gallery does not provide insurance for the artwork. 


3) Reports: Gallery shall report any and all damages or losses to the Exhibition while in Gallery’s custody immediately by telephone to Lender.  Within 24 hours of the discovery of damage or loss, Gallery shall send a full written statement to the Lender detailing the extent, time, place, and circumstances of the damages or loss.  All damaged materials shall be left as discovered unless Gallery is instructed by Lender to proceed otherwise or unless emergency measures are necessary to prevent further damage.


4) Credit:  Gallery shall clearly credit the Lender for its development of the Exhibition at the Gallery and in all publications, broadcasts, or other publicity for the Exhibition.


5) Security:  Gallery shall provide adequate security for the Exhibition at its own cost, which will include the following:


(a) A minimum of one gallery attendant, whose duty is to observe the exhibition area, must be present during all viewing hours of the Exhibition, as well as during unpacking, installation, dismantling, and repacking.

(b) Heating and air conditioning set to maintain a temperature of 66-78 degrees Fahrenheit. 


6) Delivery:  The Lender shall have sole responsibility in the delivery and pick-up of Exhibition Materials, or provide sole expense for shipment and handling. Exhibition Materials must be picked up from the Gallery by the Lender or Lender’s designated appointee (or pay to arrange for shipment) within 3 days after the specified closing date for the Exhibition, or the Exhibition Materials become property of the Gallery, unless prior arrangements are made.


7) Photographs:  The Gallery shall have the right to photograph the Exhibition, including individual items within the Exhibition, for purposes of record keeping and the Gallery’s reasonable publicity and promotional purpose.  No other photographing of the Exhibition shall be allowed without the prior consent of the Lender.


8) Miscellaneous:  (i) Neither party shall be bound by any representations or statements made by the other unless such party is specifically authorized by the other to make such statements or representations.


9) Work Preparation:  If the Lender cannot be present for installation, Exhibition Materials must have all necessary hardware for display and precise instructions on installation.


10) Space Alternation:  It is the responsibility of the Lender to propose any alternation to the existing condition of the gallery. If the Lender and the Gallery agree to specified changes it is the sole responsibility of the Lender to restore the space to its’ original condition.


(ii)  Lender represents and warrants that the descriptions of the Exhibition Materials as set forth in Attachment A are accurate and that the Lender is either the owner of the listed materials or has full authority to enter into this Agreement.


(iii)  This Agreement and all rights and obligations hereunder shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors, licensees, and assigns.


(iv)  The Gallery reserves the right to hold private events during the lending period, artists will be notified of event dates.


(v)  This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the within subject matter and cannot be modified except by written instrument signed by both parties.




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