Emma Norton Resident Survey

Emma Norton & Art to Change The World | Restoring Waters Art Project
Resident Survey

What kind of artwork uplifts you?
Abstract paintings, clay vessels
Nature scenes
Flowers, doodles, mandalas
Street art
Inspirational art
Graffiti, busy, food, statues

What colors make you feel happy and safe?
Top picks: greens, blues, yellow, pink, purple
Yellow, soft greens, some oranges
Greens, blues- earth, sky, sun, etc
Pink, purple, green, yellow, blue
Blues and greens
Purple, red, yellow
Primary colors: red, blue, yellow
All (x2)
Pink, purple, aqua
Reds, tans/bro


Are you interested in a particular subject or genre?
Liquid art

Do you have a social justice topic that you are interested in?
Homelessness & criminal justice
Global peace

What size artwork would you like to see?
Large wall pictures
Poster size
Any/all (x4)
Big enough to cover a wall

What style or styles do you like the best? Circle up to three.
Abstract                    9
Landscapes              8
Nature-Inspired      7
Portraits                    2
Hanging Sculpture 5
Found objects         4
Sparkle/Bling           4
Work which includes inspirational words.      1
Other: Flowers, patch work, mandalas, animal portraits

What types of art classes or workshops would you be interested in?
Jewelry making, pottery, scrapbooking, card making
ALL arts and crafts
Paint pours
Pottery, paint
Abstract acrylic pouring

Other comments on the project or thoughts on artwork for Restoring Waters:

No, except to say that I think it is exceptionally loving that this project is being done.
The more the better!
Thank you! This is awesome